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11 Keys To a Happy and Successful Marriage

Marriage is the final step that you take to seal your relationship in a socially recognized bond. It’s like announcing to the society that you have decided to stay as a couple. It’s the strongest, and most sincere, commitment you make in a relationship. Keys to a Successful Marriage Being married means a union of […]

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How Long Should You Date Before Thinking of Marriage?

Love is blind while marriage is an eye opener – whoever said this was right on the money. The question – how long to date before thinking of marriage – cannot be answered with any accuracy quite simply because there are too many variables involved, such as: What type of emotional bonding do you share […]

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Improve Communication With Your Husband – 6 Tips to Bear in Mind

Although it would appear divorce rates worldwide are generally declining, the numbers are still alarmingly high. Statistics published in 2008 show that 40% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce with many other countries offering similarly high figures. Again, according to statistics, one of the most common reasons cited for divorce is […]

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My Husband Puts His Family Before Me. What Do I Do?

Feeling second best in a relationship can be difficult to cope with, so what is the best thing to do if you feel your husband puts his family before you? Your Family is My Family – Or Is It? When it comes to marriage, there are many aspects where compromise is required to sustain a […]


How Do I Help My Husband Deal With a Tough Situation at Work?

Question asked by Stacey – I have been having some problems with my husband and I read some of your site, but it seems to be suggesting I do what is wrong. For instance, my husband has recently had some problems with work. I was always supportive and listened and took on board his side […]

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How to Ask Boyfriend to Marry Me? 7 Points to Bear in Mind!

You’ve been in a relationship for a while now and find that it’s time to formally bond in the institution of marriage, but your boyfriend is yet to pop the question or even show signs of wanting to get married. This is not a very uncommon scenario and it might be a disconcerting to play […]


5 Ways To Cheer Up Stressed Out Boyfriend (or Husband)

Want to know how to cheer up your boyfriend? A relationship is a medium for us to feel cared and loved for. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. What we need is someone who we can share our joys with and also depend on for support during our lows. When we were children […]


How to Get My Husband Notice Me Again?

Relationships take continuous effort and “upgrading” in order to keep them happy and healthy. Much too often couples start taking each other for granted which eventually leads to a stagnation. Anything that stagnates long starts deteriorating gradually. Relationships test our emotional balance, patience and capacity for empathizing. It’s quite common in several households for wives […]


12 Simple Tips to Keep Your Husband or Boyfriend Happy

Most household are so full of friction these days that it’s alarming. It’s a disease catching on, divorces and separations have become almost the norm of the day. What’s going wrong here? What’s the secret to a happy marriage? It takes two to tango and you can’t clap with a single hand. The secret to […]


8 Ways to Make Your Husband Desire You More

As a relationship matures, it’s not uncommon for many women to start having thoughts of feeling unloved or undesired. Why won’t my husband notice me? I feel that my husband doesn’t love me anymore. I feel undesired. My husband doesn’t care for me the way he used to. These are some common thoughts that might […]


7 Signs Your Boyfriend is Planning to Propose!

Your boyfriend may be pretty good at keeping a secret in which case it would get really difficult to know when he is going to propose to you. But fortunately most guys are not great at hiding their intentions, and so it becomes quite obvious to the girl that he is going to propose way […]