How to Get My Husband Notice Me Again?

Relationships take continuous effort and “upgrading” in order to keep them happy and healthy.

Much too often couples start taking each other for granted which eventually leads to a stagnation. Anything that stagnates long starts deteriorating gradually. Relationships test our emotional balance, patience and capacity for empathizing.

It’s quite common in several households for wives to feel neglected by their husbands over the course of their marriage. It might get to the extent of your husband not even acknowledging your presence anymore and treating you as no more than a “person” in the house. He simply seems oblivious to your needs and desires, lost in his own world.

Such situations can get extremely frustrating and hurtful.

Not only does his callous behavior hurt your feelings but it also causes you to feel as if the relationship is headed for a downfall. So the question of how to get him to notice me is not a needy one but a pertinent one.

After all one of you will have to take the responsibility of sprucing things up a bit.

Reasons Why Husbands Stop Noticing Their Wives

Before we get to the solution it is quite important to be aware of the various reasons why your husband won’t notice you or be distanced from you.

A few common reasons are listed below:

  • He is stressed out because of his professional/personal life or responsibilities causing a decrease in his libido.
  • A stagnant lifestyle coupled with unhealthy habits like eating junk food, bad quality sleep, and no exercise has caused him to gain weight thereby effecting his sexual health negatively.
  • He has gotten used to your presence causing a reduction in physical attraction towards you.
  • He does not share a deep emotional bond with you and so does not feel free to share his life openly with you.
  • He might be having an extra-marital affair and the feelings of guilt or alienation causes him to avoid you.
  • He is quite bored of the monotony that has set into your marriage.
  • He may be nursing feelings of resentment towards you because of some past unsolved issues.

The bottom line of course is that he is not quite as much in love with you as he was during your dating days.

If he is having an extra marital affair you should become cognizant of it so that you are clear in your mind about the reason for his distant behavior. Watch out for subtle signs like, does he come home late on some excuse or other, does he hang out with any female colleagues in his office or does he lie to you about his whereabouts. You might have to get a little nosy here, after all it is a serious concern.

When, or if, you are quite sure he is not having an extra-marital affair you can work on the below tips to spruce up your relationship and get your husband to start noticing you and get attracted to you yet again.

How To Get My Husband To Notice Me?

What you need to do is increase you “attraction” quotient. It’s a common tendency to start losing interest after marriage basically because of the “taken for granted” mindset. The truth is that you can never take your relationship for granted, not for too long at least.

Follow these simple tips to get your husband to start feeling attracted towards you all over again.

1.) Get a new hairdo done

Take a risk and it will pay off in most cases. Do something stylish with your hair, a professional hair dresser can easily tell you what type of hairdo will make your look sexier.

Remember that you don’t need to do anything dramatic.

2.) Wear something sexy

What you wear can trigger attraction in a jiffy, so don’t take your wardrobe for granted. Change your dressing style and go for the figure flattering outfits. It’s fun to get a wardrobe change and try out new looks.

3.) A sensual perfume can do wonders

Most men simply go gaga over “female” perfume because it incites feelings of desire in them.

Go in for a perfume that has a proven track record. It should be light, cool and sensual. So whenever you pass by him he will automatically feel drawn towards you.

4.) Stock up on some exotic lingerie

Stop being shy and get bold with your lingerie.

There is a huge range of enticing and exotic lingerie available in the fashion market nowadays, you just need to get over your shyness a bit. Go for a few wilds ones to shock him out of his skin.

5.) Look fresh and cheerful

Be the source of positivity in your house. If your husband comes home in a bad mood the last thing he wants to see is a sulky or angry wife.

Put a smile on your face, be pleasing and easy going, look fresh and be chirpy. Vivaciousness looks sexy on women.

6.) Get Flirty

Stop being so uptight around him and get mischievous. Talk sexy and be witty in the way you respond. Get him to find talking to you interesting and fun. Remember how you used to flirt when you were dating him?

It’s time to start doing that again. Why settle for less when you can get so much more out of life?

7.) Compliment Him

Perhaps your husband feels the same way as you do. Perhaps he thinks you no longer find him attractive. Reassure him that he is a great guy by complimenting him whenever possible. In other words, change your behaviour to show him that you desire him and that he turns you on.

Handmade gifts are good, making him his favorite sugary treat is good too.

8.) Love and Respect Yourself

Stop underrating yourself and look for the positives in you. Be your best friend first and see yourself in a positive light all the time, if you don’t no one else will.

Once you do this, you will start emanating a positive energy that your husband is bound to notice.

9.) Get healthy together

If you feel that your husband is leading an unhealthy lifestyle then talk to him and suggest him some healthy habits he can inculcate into his daily life.

For example, both of you can make it a habit to get up early and go for a jog or a walk together followed by some light stretches and exercises. Similar, you can resolve to stop eating junk/sugary/salty foods and start eating healthy.

You can also consider including some libido enhancing foods like watermelon, blueberries (and other varieties of berries), avocados, celery, lettuce, asparagus and pumpkin seeds in your diet.

Consider fun activities like massages that aid relaxation, increase blood flow and reduce stress.

Simple changes like these can help lower your husband’s stress levels, improve his health and thereby start feeling that attraction again.

10.) Talk To Him

If all else fails, you should talk to him and let him know your feelings. But make sure that you don’t get into a fight. A simple way to do this is to listen to him with focused attention and try to see things from his point of view. You can then work out common solutions together.

Always remember that relationships take effort to maintain but it’s just as important to do it in a fun way that makes you feel good about yourself.