I Told My Best Friend I Love Him (This Is What Happened)

They say that the best romance stories come from being friends first and lovers second. I still stand by that. I think you need to be friends with someone before you seek a relationship. A couple of years back, I fell in love with one of my best friends. This guy is amazing; he got […]


How Do I Get Back Together With My Boyfriend?

Question asked by Jane – My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago after going out together for a year and a half. Since the start of our relationship we have always had issues over spending time together. He likes to spend his weekends doing sporting things, cycling running and competitive events. He never […]

Signs ex-boyfriend still likes you - featured image

6 Ways To Find Out If Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Likes You

A relationship can leave a deep impact on our minds. Break ups and separation do happen in the most intimate of relationships and it does leave a scar behind which usually takes longer to heal than when we break up from a casual relationship. Guys are just as prone to the emotional turmoil of a […]


How to Make My Ex-Boyfriend Want Me Back?

Relationships can easily be a huge source of pain and stress when they go awry. What starts off beautifully as love, and bonding, sometimes turns into bitterness and separation thanks largely to our “egos”. Many couples start realizing how much they miss each other only after separation. It’s not uncommon for one or both the […]