7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Lying To You

Signs he is lying - featured image

Can you catch a guy lying to you? It depends on how “savvy” the guy is, but in most cases it’s a cinch.

Of course, if you are stuck with a “habitual” liar, your relationship is not going to last the course. Innocent lies are okay, every now and then, but what you have to safe guard against are “black” lies aimed at keeping you in the dark about his “side affairs”.

It helps to be aware of the signs your boyfriend gives off unconsciously while lying.

The good news is that most people truly suck at lying. This is because people are largely unconscious of their “body” and bodily reactions when they feel guilty or when their heart is racing, which is usually the case when someone is lying. So when a guy is lying, he is bound to give off some unconscious clues through his body movements.

If you are a keen observer you can catch the most “savvy” guy trying to dupe you.

7 lying signs to watch out for

Here are the most common signs that guys give when they are lying:

1. His voice cracks

This is usually the most common give away.

When someone is lying consciously, they might end up changing the “modulation” of their voice because of the stress they put on their vocal chords.

Guys have a “broad” voice but they just need to put a little pressure on their chords to make it “shrill”. While lying, a guy unconsciously puts pressure on his chords, and thus ends up “cracking” his voice.

So if you detect subtle changes in his tone “modulation”, it’s a hint that he might be feeling guilty within, or hiding something from you.

2. He smiles awkwardly

If you detect a “nervous” or an “awkward” smile, it’s a sure fire indication that he is not comfortable with something he is saying, or doing.

You can call it a “hyena” smile, which reeks of guilt and fear. Some people practice hard at not “smiling” while telling a lie.

Here’s a tip, when you have a inkling that he’s lying, just give him a long, cold, “silent” stare and see his reaction. If he gives you an “awkward” smile, it would mean he’s hiding something.

3. He speaks with pauses

If he takes too much time in answering you, it’s an indication that he is “grinding” his brains to come up with a convincing lie.

It’s easy to detect a lack of spontaneity when someone is trying to come up with a lie; this is because most of us are not too “sure” about our acumen at lying.

People who can lie glibly, have the ability to detach themselves from their mind when they are lying. The same is not true for most people; in fact they tend to go more into the mind when they are trying to lie.

So watch out for too many pauses in the midst of his conversation as it is a solid sign that your boyfriend is lying to you.

4. He tries to change the topic

Some people convince themselves that they are not lying by thinking that “what the other person does not know can’t hurt them”, so they simply try to divert the topic when they are cornered.

Some people are good at changing topics glibly, because it does not feel like a “lie” to them. Hiding information is not the same as lying.

So, as much as possible your guy would prefer to simply change the topic instead of running the risk of telling a lie.

If you catch your boyfriend consciously avoiding a particular question, while trying to take your attention away to some other topic, it’s an indication that he’s hiding something from you.

5. He reacts in anger

When people get cornered, their usual reaction is anger. Guilt or fear can easily change to aggression as a means of defending their stand.

So if your boyfriend acts unreasonably “aggressive” when questioned about something, it’s an indication that he has a few “ghosts” he’s trying to hide. Most people are vulnerable to this weakness, where they unconsciously hide their fears behind their show of anger.

6. He avoids eye contact

A lot of people find it really hard to maintain a steady eye contact while telling a lie.

So if you find him twitching his eyes, looking around or just staring in a different direction, he might be trying to hide something.

You can easily detect when a guy is lying by asking him to talk while looking in your eyes, very few can pull that off with success.

7. He makes hurried body movements

People who are lying are vulnerable to unconscious body movements especially when they are nervous, fearful or feeling guilty.

If you notice your boyfriend passing his fingers through his hair, shaking his legs, playing with his fingers or scratching his face, in a hurried movement, while talking to you, it’s a good indication that he’s edgy about something.

All the above signs of your boyfriend lying to you, are very subjective but would be true in most cases; in any case you can use them as cues to “interrogate” further.