What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Needs Time?

Some intimate relationships are harmonious and they move into different phases with ease. There is the initial dating phase which then migrates to a committed relationship phase which eventually matures into the final bonding of a marriage.

This is of course the ideal situation. Not all relationships work so smoothly.

The issue of commitment in a relationship is usually what puts off many guys. They are either not ready for it or they just want to avoid it.

So when a guy says he needs time to decide on whether he wants to commit himself, what does it mean? Is he not sure of his love for you or is it something else? In this article we seek to give you insights on the same.

What Does He Mean By Saying He Needs More Time?

It is a common scenario that girls say “I need more time” when they are approached with the prospect of becoming a girlfriend, while guys say the same when they asked about marriage. So what are the reasons why a guy says he needs more time to think about entering into the bond of marriage?

1.) He does not feel financially stable

This is the most common reason why most guys are a little nervous about entering the institution of marriage.

May be your boyfriend isn’t feeling too comfortable about his career or means of income.

Guys understand the responsibility that comes with leading a married life – the house mortgage, repairs, furniture, car and the marriage expenses by themselves can prove to be a financial challenge. If he is not sure about being able to handle this burden, he will ask for more time.

It’s best if the two of you discuss this problem and come to a mutual agreement on how you will handle the financial burden after marriage, this might ease some pressure off him.

2.) He is not sure of his love for you

In a long term relationship, there is a possibility of falling out of love.

If your relationship has been going on for a period of a year or more, it’s possible that he does not feel the same amount of passion that he felt initially. After the initial pleasures of a new relationship the idea of entering into the responsibility of a marriage can seem like a dampener to some guys.

If this is the case with your man, then you are better off discussing your relationship in black and white. If he does not feel the same love for you like he did before or if he is uncertain of having you as a life partner, then you should either sort out the differences or move on from the relationship.

3.) His parents are not okay with the relationship

If he is a mama’s boy or a daddy’s son, he is bound to seek their permission before contemplating marriage.

If they are not in accordance with the relationship, he might start feeling uncertain himself. There are many guys who are very family centric and hate to against the wishes of their parents. If this is the case, it would be an acid test of his love for you.

4.) He wants to know you better

Marriage is not only a commitment of hearts but also a bonding of personal lives.

If he has not learnt to trust you, or if he is still uncertain about how well you will bond together once you start living with each other, then there are bound to be doubts in his mind about marriage.

May be your relationship needs more time or may be there is just a lack of emotional bonding.

5.) He is using you

There is a possibility that he does not love you and is just using you for his benefit.

What does it mean when such a guy says he needs time? He just wants to milk you more to get his needs met. If you intuitively feel that he does not care for you then it’s best to move out of the relationship even if it really breaks your heart doing so.

Depending upon the emotional bonding you share in your relationship, you can either discuss it between yourselves or you can just take a judgment call based on your intuition.

If he is not committed it’s best to end the relationship than to live in false hope.