How to Tell if My Boyfriend is Missing Me? 7 Signs He Is!

Signs he is missing you.

There are times in a relationship when a couple needs to move away from each other physically.

It might be because of circumstances such a job change or may be because of a temporary breakup after an argument.

As a girl, when you miss a guy, it is quite common to wonder if he misses you just the same.

May be you parted ways after an argument and now you want to know if he misses you. Or may be you just moved away from each other physically because of an unavoidable circumstance, but your relationship is still intact and you still want to know that he misses you.

The problem is that men are not very expressive of their emotions because they think it’s not manly to sound needy or desperate.

So even if he is missing you, he may not be blatant about communicating this.

How to Know a Guy Misses Me?

It’s natural to wonder if he is missing you, especially when you are getting confusing signals. So what are the signs that he is thinking of you and wants to be with you? Here they are:

1.) You can feel it in his voice

When a man says he misses you, it is obvious that he does so based on the tone of his voice.

Most men have an unconscious transparency to their nature, so what’s in their heart will reflect in the tone of their voice.

There’s usually a mellowness that indicates the hollow in his heart because he misses his beloved.

2.) He talks less while calling

If he is missing you, he is bound to feel the distance even more when he talks to you over a call because it will only remind him of the distance.

It’s quite natural for guys to talk less when they feel a lot of emotion. So if you notice your man talking less when you are away, it could well indicate that he is missing you.

Of-course talking less could also mean that he is not interested in having a talk. So it’s really important to judge the tone of his voice before you take this as a sign that he misses you.

3.) He messages or calls you at odd times

Guys are very impulsive when it comes to dealing with emotions.

If his mind rushes in with a flood of memories about the times you were together, he is bound to take some action in response to this emotion – he might message you or call you on this impulse.

If you get a message in your cellphone late in the night saying “I am still awake” – it would mean that he is either sleepless because of the separation or he just woke up dreaming about you. A definite sign that he misses you.

4.) He gets very emotional while talking to you

Men are very wary about exposing their intimate feelings. So if he is feeling lonely, because he is missing you, he will shy away from saying it directly.

But if you talk with some softness, and he sees that you are not being cold, he will take the chance of opening up to you. Men do cry but it’s usually when the feeling goes beyond the threshold of their tolerance.

So if he breaks down (or his voice cracks a little) while talking to you, know that he is definitely missing you.

5.) He talks about the old times

If he brings up the old memories of the two of you being together, while talking to you, it means that he is running these thoughts in his own mind.

He might be trying to gauge if these memories have the same effect on you, to see if you are missing him as well.
It does show that he is pinning to be with you.

6.) He’s responds back to your messages immediately

If you are in his mind, he will jump at the first message or call he receives from you. He will respond to your texts immediately and pick up you call within a few rings.

7.) He’s counting the days to meet you

If you are away from each other because of some unavoidable circumstance, you will know that he is missing you by the inferences he makes about the number of days left before you can meet up again.

He might even talk about the things he plans on doing with you when the two of you meet up. This just goes to show how desperate he is to get you back in his arms.

So, In Conclusion

Don’t always wait for your boyfriend to say directly that he misses you, some guys may never do that because of their male ego or conditioning in manliness.

When he shows a sign that he misses you, just call him up on it. Sometimes this lack of understanding can lead to the parting away of a couple who still love each other.