5 Ways To Make A Man Feel Manly and Important

There is a certain truth to the statement that men are more in their minds while women are more in touch with their heart. In plains words, men are more “egoistic” than women.

So most men want to feel manly and important; this becomes even more crucial for them in their relationships.

The way you make a guy feel manly is by oiling his ego, this might sound a little “manipulative” but men could care less if you “mean” it or you are “faking” it. They just get blinded when a woman adds a creamy layer of butter on their ego.

Men are quite wary of other men who try to “oil” their ego because they get a little suspicious of their intent but when a woman does it they just let their guard off.

You may want to make a guy feel masculine and important because you love him and want him to feel more confident and proud. You may also want to make your man feel important because he will then like to be in your company.

Ways to Make a Man Feel Important

So here are the ways to make a guy feel manly and important:

1.) Swoon Over His Technical Abilities

Men attach a lot importance to their technical prowess.

Be it fixing a light bulb, opening the tight lid of that pickle jar, solving the computer problem or just fixing that “leak”. Men pride themselves on being “resourceful”.

Nothing makes him feel more important than being acknowledged for his usefulness.

Just words like “wow, you are so intelligent” or “cool, I could never have figured it out the way you did” go a long way in making him feel like a “manly” man.

In turn he is going to “devoted” to you for making him feel this way, even if he is not conscious of this fact.

2.) Admire His Physical Strength

Even if the guy is not a “Rambo”, just praise him for his strength or stamina every now and then.

You can make him feel nice and proud just by commenting on what a healthy physique he has (even if he doesn’t have one).

Most men like to believe they are the “protectors” of their woman folk, so let him know you feel secure and protected in his “strong” company.

3.) Let Him Know He is a Great Lover

Most men like to think they are one of the best lovers that God created.

You don’t have to fake it, but every now and then when you think he did a little better than his previous attempts just give him a “I love you, you made me feel so great!”.

The worst thing you can ever do is to downplay a man’s sexual prowess.

Don’t ever tell him that he is a bad kisser or “sloppy” lover. He is never going to be comfortable around making love to you if it rides on the back of his mind that he might let you down.

In fact, when you praise him for being a good lover he will want to improve and make the “love making” even better for you.

4.) Ask Him for Solutions

Nothing makes a guy feel more important than being called in for “solutions”.

Men are solution makers, or at least they think they are. The primitive men were hunters who lived by their wits, so it runs in their blood.

Ever so often just let him solve some of your problems, it could be some financial issue, some technical issue or just a philosophical query.

Once he presents even a half decent solution just tell him things like “cool, I could never of thought of this myself” or “that’s so smart of you“.

5.) Show Him That You Care

For some odd reason many women feel “insecure” opening out their heart to a man. If you love him just show him how much you love him by your actions, don’t hold back.

Make him a special dinner, surprise him with gifts, pleasure him in intimate way and just be “loving” towards him.

Unless the man is a bit neurotic he is going to feel really close to you while also feeling very important for the position he holds in your life.

So, In Conclusion..

Your guy will really feel important when he knows he is the “top” priority in your world. Show it in actions though because men don’t catch on to subtle hints.

Men are quite simple especially considering the fact that they have a weakness for the fair sex.

Anything you do or say that makes him feel “manly” is going to him them feel really important. Remember, you can fake it or mean it and still have the same results.