How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is Right For Me? (6 Signs to Look For)

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Relationship is all about a “wavelength” match.

If your boyfriend understands your wavelength, and you understand his, then you are in for a fulfilling and fun relationship.

Ups and downs are bound to happen, and that’s normal, but what’s important is that there is an “undercurrent” of trust and love which is always present in the relationship.

When in a relationship, it’s natural to have thoughts if or not your boyfriend is a good match for you. Usually just an unconscious thought, but it can get you thinking.

Are we right for each other?

The following are 6 ways in which you can judge if your present boyfriend is right for you, and if you are made for a long-term relationship.

1. He Makes You Laugh

If your boyfriend does not make you laugh, it won’t be long before you find that the relationship has gotten a little too “serious” and boring.

Many guys have a good sense of humor, but that’s not what is being talked about here. It’s about how cheerful you feel in his company. He does not have to be cracking jokes and commenting all the time, but it’s just about the vibe you feel when you talk to him.

So you know you can trust him to make you feel relaxed, and cheery, most of the times.

2. He Makes You Feel Emotional

They say that true love is “bitter sweet”. What this means is that when you really love someone you get to taste the sweetness and bitterness of the emotion.

When you are really in love, it’s normal to feel “pain” along with the pleasure.

You miss him, you fight with him, you get jealous, you get into arguments, you hate him at times, you feel like kicking him at times but all along you can’t stop loving him either.

This is what makes for a “spicy” relationship, and it’s the spice that makes a relationship go the course. If your boyfriend has never made you feel emotional, it won’t be long before you start feeling that there is something “missing”.

3. He Does Not Cheat On You

When a guy cheats on a girl, it’s evident that he does not respect her status in his life as his girlfriend. There can be no depth to a relationship which is based on a lie.

So if you ever catch your boyfriend cheating on (even in subtle ways), it’s a sign that your relationship has gone “luke warm”.

It need not just be a full blown affair, something as simple as flirting with other girls while in your company can be taken to be a sign of “cheating”.

You need to decide if you find him “genuine” in his love for you.

4. He Has His Own Life

It’s so important that a guy is “self occupied”. Any guy who does not know what to do with his life, is not ready for a relationship yet.

It’s true that guys go through phases in their life when they are clueless about where they are heading and what they want to do. This is usually the time when relationship goes for a toss. Unless your boyfriend is happy with “his” life, he will not be able to keep you happy in the relationship.

He has to find something that he “loves” other than you, or else he will become too needy for your love and attention which will in turn push you away from him.

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5. You Don’t Feel Like Cheating on Him

If your boyfriend is right for you, then you will not feel like “flirting” with other guys or cheating on him. If you feel that way, it usually means you have lost “attraction” for him. It’s quite impossible to be in love and “cheat” at the same time.

Of course, it’s fine to have a few “oh my god, what a hunk”, thoughts about another guy, but if it goes beyond it, then there is a problem.

Basically, your “attraction factor” is the index of how much your boyfriend means to you. The more attracted you are to him the less you notice other guys.

6. You Feel Comfortable in His Company

A true relationship is the one where you can be completely yourself without the fear of being judged. You need to feel completely comfortable in his company. You need to be and feel yourself.

If your boyfriend is very judgement or if you feel that you cannot open up to him completely, then this is indicative or a red sign.

If your boyfriend gives off a “weirdo” alarm in you ever so often, then it’s indicative that you are not very comfortable in his company.

For example, you might find it “offsetting” to see the sexual inclinations, or fantasies, that your boyfriend has.

In a relationship, it’s really important that you don’t feel exploited, used or manipulated. You should feel genuinely relaxed and comfortable in the company of your boyfriend; this is a true indicator of how “right” he is for you.

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Trust Your Intuition

Girls have a very useful “radar” built within called their “gut” intuition. This radar is pretty good at scanning circumstances and giving “truth” alarms every now and then. Learn to trust your intuition, it’s a gift of nature to help protect and safe guard yourself.

Sometimes you might be with someone, who your friends don’t approve of, but your intuition says that he’s the one for you – trust your intuition more than your friends. Love is “invisible” and can only be judged by something equally invisible, like your intuition.

These tips should help you tell if your boyfriend is right for you. When in doubt, always check in on your intuition and trust it.