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When is the Right Time to Start Dating After A Breakup? 5 Signs That You Are Ready!

Breaking up. Ugh, even the words sound bitter. But what’s even harder than dealing with a broken heart is getting back into the dating game. You don’t want to step out only to have a rebound fling and start crying halfway through a date, but you also don’t want to stay inside watching chick flicks […]

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11 Keys To a Happy and Successful Marriage

Marriage is the final step that you take to seal your relationship in a socially recognized bond. It’s like announcing to the society that you have decided to stay as a couple. It’s the strongest, and most sincere, commitment you make in a relationship. Keys to a Successful Marriage Being married means a union of […]

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How Long Should You Date Before Thinking of Marriage?

Love is blind while marriage is an eye opener – whoever said this was right on the money. The question – how long to date before thinking of marriage – cannot be answered with any accuracy quite simply because there are too many variables involved, such as: What type of emotional bonding do you share […]

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How To Kiss Your Boyfriend The Right Way? (9 Super Important Points to Bear in Mind)

It can be nerve-wracking to kiss a new guy you’re with, because, like most things in life, everyone has their own opinions of what makes a good kiss. Before you start worrying about how to kiss your boyfriend, there are 9 basic yet important things that you need to bear in mind. Kissing Your Boyfriend […]

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15 Important First Date Tips for Women (To Help You Make Your Date A Success!)

Most women tend to get nervous and frantic before the first date and this is quite normal; after all you might meet up a possible life partner! Some amount of fear helps but to go overboard with it would be your own undoing. First date should be about interacting and bonding without any expectations – […]

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10 Signs of a Controlling Relationship and How to Deal With it

We are all products of our conditioning. Our beliefs, experiences and knowledge dictate the way we interact with other people and our own selves. It is common for some people to develop a manipulative or controlling personality owing to their deep seated insecurities and fears. If you happen to be in a relationship with such […]

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Improve Communication With Your Husband – 6 Tips to Bear in Mind

Although it would appear divorce rates worldwide are generally declining, the numbers are still alarmingly high. Statistics published in 2008 show that 40% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce with many other countries offering similarly high figures. Again, according to statistics, one of the most common reasons cited for divorce is […]

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7 Solid Signs You Have a Crush On Your Best Friend!

The line between best friends and lovers can be very thin, especially considering how best friends have an intimate bond that goes beyond a normal friendship. Now, there is a difference between accepting that your best friend is attractive and actually developing feelings for him. I went through a similar experience too and you can […]

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How to Move from Dating to a Committed Relationship With Your Boyfriend? (3 Simple Steps)

When your date converts into a boyfriend then you have moved from dating to a committed relationship. Any intimate relationship begs to move forward, if it stays stagnant too long there is a possibility of it going stale. If you and your partner are both in love with each other, the process of moving from […]


I Told My Best Friend I Love Him (This Is What Happened)

They say that the best romance stories come from being friends first and lovers second. I still stand by that. I think you need to be friends with someone before you seek a relationship. A couple of years back, I fell in love with one of my best friends. This guy is amazing; he got […]

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102 Most Popular Gifts For Your Boyfriend or Husband! (2020 Updated)

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Having a hard time finding the perfect Christmas gift for your man? Don’t worry. We got you covered. We put together for you the ultimate list of man gifts (stuff that your boyfriend actually wants), based on the popularity of the item. Most gifts on […]


14 Most Important Things a Man Wants in a Woman (According to Experts)

Ever wondered what a man looks for the most in a relationship? Or to get a little specific, what is that one (most important) thing that a man wants in his partner without which the relationship starts to look unappealing to him? We approached 14 relationship experts with this very question and we received some […]

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8 Things I Find Attractive in a Woman (That Have Nothing to Do With Looks)

You know, I’ve been helping men improve their love lives for years now and I’ve probably read dozens of articles on what women find attractive in men. I’ve even written a few of them. But the funny thing is that I rarely come across articles that touch on what men find attractive in a woman. […]

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Signs of a Possessive Boyfriend and How to Deal With Him?

Dealing with a possessive boyfriend is a serious issue and should be addressed as quickly as possible. This is because the nature of this problem tends to escalate over time and needs to be dealt with before the issue gets out of hand. A possessive boyfriend may play on your insecurities and manipulate you into […]

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My Husband Puts His Family Before Me. What Do I Do?

Feeling second best in a relationship can be difficult to cope with, so what is the best thing to do if you feel your husband puts his family before you? Your Family is My Family – Or Is It? When it comes to marriage, there are many aspects where compromise is required to sustain a […]


How to Know If a Guy is Playing Hard to Get?

Question by Janai: How to know when a guy is playing hard to get? Hi Janai, Guys are as adept at playing hard to get as girls are. You must remember that this behavior is completely normal and is not “manipulative” in any way. A guy would usually play hard to get with a girl […]


One Simple Secret To Make Him Fall Head Over Heels For You

Many women believe that falling in love cannot be controlled. The reality however is that the idea that love cannot be controlled is a product of conditioning. We have been accustomed to the notion that people fall in love by “fate” or “destiny.” As romantic as this belief may seem however, it is completely WRONG. […]

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How to Convince Your Man to Have a Baby?

Wanting a baby can drive us ladies mad. You have babies on the brain 24/7. You see them everywhere, perhaps you know someone who has one and you just can’t get the thought out of your mind. But when you mention the idea to you man and realize he really isn’t up for it! Despite […]


How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out on a Date?

Most of us have been in a situation where we like someone and are craving for them to ask us out! The the thing is, it can be difficult to get them to do it. If you have a feeling he likes you too, the easiest thing to do would be to take the lead […]