How To Show Long Distance Boyfriend That I Love Him?

Published on: November 17, 2014

Question asked by Samantha – Alright, I am in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend.

We have known each other for 11 years, and he moved to Texas recently. The 1, 425 miles between Texas and California makes things very hard on me.

I was wondering if you have any advice on things I can do to show him that distance doesn’t matter when it comes to love?

I miss him and wish he was here every day, I just want him to know that.

Hi Samantha,

It can be really hard on lovers to be separated by distance.

It’s something you wish would never happen in a relationship, but sometimes we do face such tough challenges in life. The good news is that if you stay positive and committed through this tough phase, it will only strengthen and deepen your relationship.

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Here are a few tips that you will find useful:

1.) Keep your thoughts positive

Distance really doesn’t matter when you are sincere in your love.

It’s painful to be separated, and it can get lonely when you see the other couples being together, but it’s important to keep yourself pepped up by thinking about all the good times you had and dreaming about the time when you will meet up, and be together again.

2.) Keep the contacts alive

Technology is your friend, make use of it. Text him, call him, video chat with him, email him, there are so many ways to keep in touch nowadays.

But of course, these means of communication can’t compare to actually being together, so though they may reduce some feelings of separation they can’t really mitigate the pain, of missing him, completely.

3.) Send him handwritten notes

Hand written notes are powerful as they have a personal touch to them.

When he reads what you have written on paper, he gets to feel the energy behind those words as opposed to reading it over email or chat.

This is also a great way to tell him how much you miss him and care for him.

4.) Stay true to your partner

Many people talk about long distance relationships not working out, but the truth is that there are many couples who have made it in spite of being away from each other for years.

Work related issues cause a partner to go to a foreign state for two to three years and during that time the only string that holds the relationship together is trust.

Stay true to your partner in your mind and heart, that’s all that’s required.

5.) Be open about your feelings

When you talk to him, be open about your feelings.

Tell him how much you miss him and the pain that you are going through.

Let him know what he means to you, and how badly you want him back. Words that come from a sincere heart always have a ring of deep love, which he is bound to feel.

6.) Keep yourself occupied

Long distance relationships are challenging simply because of the pain of missing one another. Instead of wallowing in sadness, try to keep yourself occupied in things that you like doing.

Hang out with your family and friends so you don’t feel lonely. It’s important to not let negative feelings get to you.

Trust him, and believe in the truth of your love.

Time will fly by and the both of you will be together, true love always wins the day.

  • Samantha

    Thank you so much!! I am definitely going to put your advice to good use. This means so much to me, thank you again!