How Do We Initiate the First Kiss?

Published on: September 25, 2016

All of my friends keep telling me to kiss my boyfriend, but we’re both too shy. What should I do to initiate the first kiss? – Question asked by Pamela

Hi Pamela,

Don’t bother about what others tell you to do. Shy or not shy, a guy can’t resist kissing the soft lips of a girl. It’s bound to happen in short time. Don’t worry about it. The first kiss is pretty special, especially when you are truly in love. So don’t ruin it by “pressurizing” yourself.

It’s usually the guy who kisses the girl the first time; it’s better that way too, because the guy feels like a hundred bucks when he does that. So it’s best if you wait up for your boyfriend to make his move. Even if he is the “shy” type, he can’t resist kissing you when the situation calls for it.

Since you are shy, it’s best to get your boyfriend to initiate it. If you want to make that “first kiss” happen, you can create the settings for it. Here’s what you can do to initiate the first kiss with your boyfriend.

Tell him your “close” secret

We all have something we’ve never told anyone. Something “awe inspiring” that happened to you, some deep feeling you have or something really intimate experience. Share this with your boyfriend, and tell him that he is the first person you have mentioned this to. It will create a close moment, and kisses usually happen in “close” moments.

Get your face close to him

You can use some excuse to get your face really close to his face. Be sure to do this when you are alone with him, and not in some public place. For example, you can drop your purse next to him, and while picking it up you get really close. Hold your face at short distance from his and suddenly look deeply into his eyes. Most guys will get the hint, especially if you’ve been talking some romantic stuff before.

Spirit helps

There nothing like two glasses of champagne, or wine, to get romantic impulses flowing without inhibition. Go out on a romantic dinner, order a bottle of wine or champagne, and celebrate your relationship. The spirit is bound to get him relaxed and jolly. On the way home he is bound to kiss you; believe me you can kiss a lot better when you are feeling relaxed. A little spirit is the perfect antidote for shyness.

Get him a special gift

You can get him something that he has always wanted. Present it to him when you are alone somewhere, preferably at home. Say something romantic like “this is for the true love of my life” while you give him the gift. If he has a romantic bone in him, he will kiss you for sure.

Frankly, you don’t have to worry about kissing at all. It just happens when the moment is right. It’s bound to happen anyway, and it’s fun to anticipate.