How Long To Make a Man Wait for Sex?

Published on: September 25, 2016

Question asked by Faith

How long should you make a man wait to have sex when dating? Obviously the first date is not the right time if you are interested in having him respect you. But what is the appropriate length of time? Some people say the 3rd date, others say not until 3 months into the relationship. Guys always say that they will respect you in the morning, but I know that this is just a ploy to get you in bed. I’ve been told that its a test to see if the girl is worth being with, if she is girlfriend material. So if you are interested in being a girlfriend and having a relationship, how long do you make him wait?

Hi Faith,

The best advice is to tune in to your own intuition instead of following anyone else’s advice. What feels right for you at a given moment is what’s important.

But since you asked for advice here’s what I feel,

If you are interested in having a committed relationship with this guy it’s important to assess how well the two of you bond together. You must understand that most guys also seek companionship or “friendship” with their girl and they are not just interested in getting a girl into their bed as quickly as possible. If he is only interested in getting into your pants then you can be sure the relationship won’t last long. There has to be a balance in intimate relationships on the emotional as well as physical front. Emotional bonding makes relationships deeper, sex is a surface level perk of the relationship.

Guys kinda fall for girls who are not “easy”. So if you make him wait longer he is going to find you more challenging and hence will be attracted to you more. He will know that you are a “classy” girl who has a character. If you are looking for a serious relationship, a good advice would be to refrain from sex until you are sure that the guy is really in love with you. 3 months seems ideal because you will atleast need that time to get to know the truth of your relationship.