What Is The Difference Between Guys Thinking You Are Hot Or Beautiful?

Published on: September 25, 2016

I was wondering what the different signs are if a guy thinks a girl is hot or beautiful? Do they act differently? Are there different signs or do they act the same if they feel either way? Also do they act different if they think a girl is pretty or really like her? – Emily

Hi Emily,

If a guy thinks you are hot, he’s only thinking of getting into your pants. If a guy thinks you are beautiful, he’s feeling the “gushy” love emotions.

Love and lust are both emotions. When a guy perceives a girl as hot, he is only concentrating on her body, and physical appearance, the natural emotion that wells up inside him is lust. In a few seconds, his mind will conjure up the image of having sex with this hot girl, or he might mentally undress her. This girl actually becomes a “sex object” in his mind and loses her humanness.

The “hot” girl

When a girl dresses in a revealing manner, or when she wears a sexy look, it’s natural for guys (who don’t personally know her) to look at her with lewd interest. Basically, the male mind has the capacity to “objectify” a woman as a subject of pure sexual interest, when it finds her exuding sexuality, either by the way she has dressed, or the flirty manner in which she’s behaving. No girl wants to be labeled as a “sex object”, but that’s what men do when they perceive a girl as “hot”.

The most basic criterion on which guys label a girl as hot, is the by the way she’s dressed. It’s an unconscious understanding in men that if a girl dresses revealingly, she’s asking for sex. Though that might not be the agenda for the girl at all, she might have dressed sexily because she wanted to look admirable.

It’s quite strange, but guys don’t fall in love with a “hot” girl, they just lust after her because in their minds she has become a “sex object”. It’s possible that once the guy gets to know the girl on a personal level, and bonds with her as a human being, he would start developing feelings of love for her. But in most cases, when a guy labels a girl as “hot” he has attached himself to her body and physical appearance, so it’s difficult for him to actually connect with her differently.

The “beautiful” girl

When a girl has a sense of innocence about her, she is usually perceived as “pretty”, “cute” or beautiful. It has something to do with the vibe of innocence, and child like playfulness, that she is projecting.

A girl who dresses, and behaves, modestly, and who has a pretty face, is a sure-fire “love” interest for most guys. It’s natural for a guy to fall in love with prettiness, than with “sexiness”. Love is an emotion that is triggered when something deep in you gets touched, and association goes beyond the surface-level to something more ethereal.

If you want to appear beautiful and pretty, you will have to dress modestly, but prettily. Shyness and demureness are also qualities that guys associate with “pretty”. If you are too bold, the guy is likely to perceive you as “hot” rather than pretty. It’s basically the intensity of your sexuality, if it’s light and sensual it’s deemed as beautiful, if it’s strong and overt it is deemed as “hot”.
Guys fall in “love” with beautiful, pretty or cute girls. They love modesty in a girl and they love a girl who is soft spoken and demure in her behavior. Such a girl is not a sex object, but she becomes an object of affection and tenderness. Guys instinctively have a protective attitude towards a “pretty” girl; it’s as if they want to protect her innocence. Of course they feel a sexual attraction but it’s coupled with a deeper emotion of love and care.

A “hot” girl ends up in hollow relationships

You would have seen that a girl who carries herself “sexily”, and who exudes an aura of sexuality, usually ends up in hollow relationships. The problem is that the guy perceives her as a sex object and hence can never really bond with her at the human level. He will end up using her or exploiting her, but never really connect with her. She will find it very difficult to ever find a partner who can bond with her at a deeper level than sex and physical intimacy.

Men will buzz around a hot girl, they will buy her gifts, take her to dinners and basically treat her fancily, but the bottom line is that they want sex. They just want to get her to bed and get into her pants. It’s a not a man’s fault actually, unconsciously the girl has created the image of being a sex object by the way she carried herself.

A “pretty” girl is likely to end up in a deeper relationship and enjoy the affections of a man. Men can be really romantic and make a girl feel like a princess when they are in love with her as a person. Men are fully capable of experiencing deep emotions of love and tenderness, in many cases more than women, it’s just that they need a woman who can instigate these feelings. Prettiness and beauty always comes from a place of innocence, it’s a pristine quality.

If you have a beautiful mind, it will reflect on your face. A girl who is “child like” in her innocence and is willing to be caring and affectionate, instead of being insecure and “approval seeking”, always exudes a beautiful prettiness about her. She’s like a flower, and men can’t help but fall in love with this beauty that goes beyond the skin.