Do Men Dislike Short Girls?

Published on: May 22, 2014

Question asked by Anosha – I have a question which I hope you guys will answer. Do men dislike short girls? I know it’s a silly question but I always wonder about that and it gives me low self-esteem because I´m always thinking about my height.

Hi Anosha,

Guys have preferences the same way girls do. Some guys are naturally attracted to girls with a short height while some prefer tall girls. There are many instances where tall guys have a girlfriend who is very short in height. A guy who has an average, or short, height invariably prefers a girl who is shorter than him. A girl who has a short height has a cute or petite quality to her which appeals to many guys.

No Reason To Feel Inferior

You have no reason for having any form of complex regarding your height. When you feel inferior in any way, you block out the many opportunities waiting for you in terms of relationships. Look at yourself as a unique personality with many facets to you that will appeal to the lover, or lovers, you will attract. There are no limitations to the kind of guy you can attract into your life. Focus your attention of the kind of guy you would want to be with, and it’s a given that you will attract such guy in your life.

Just look around you and notice the various shapes and sizes when it comes to guys and girls. There the tall ones, the short ones, the slim ones, the bulky ones, the cute ones and the hot ones – they all have relationships and soul-mates. Whoever put this idea into your mind that men might dislike short girls? It’s like making a statement that girls dislike short guys.

Just because you have a shorter height does not mean that you need to look out for a short guy as your boyfriend, unless you prefer that to be the case. Remember that it’s always only you that sets the limitations on what you can get. So when you have a low self-esteem about your height you are basically setting boundaries on yourself, and this way you end up inhibiting the opportunities that are lined up for you. Instead of focusing on the outside, on what guys like or dislike, focus on what you want. Focus on the guy you would like to be with, think about what kind of a guy would make you feel special. When you focus this way, life starts working for you and in short time you will end up with the boyfriend of your choice.

Stop Focusing On Negative Thoughts

You may have gotten into a self-deprecating habit of focusing on your height negatively owing to some mis-guided perceptions that you have. If you keep focusing negatively on your personality, it will end up hampering your external behavior and eventually cause you to feel unworthy. Put an end to this self sabotaging habit right now, to be a self-critic is poisonous to say the least.

Always look at yourself in a positive light because quite frankly there is no one else like you in this whole universe, how’s that for uniqueness? Wear clothes that make you feel desirable and smart, experiment with your hair style and most importantly focus on being a loving person at heart. Your height is your uniqueness, not a drawback, so it should never be the cause of a complex at all.

If you just drop all your negative perceptions and look around, you will notice that there are many admirers lined up – if you’ve not already noticed. Enjoy your life to the fullest and always focus on yourself in a positive way, because that’s the way the universe looks at you.

  • Vasu

    I second that, being a short one myself I had created all these notions about me. I had a friend over 6 feet who seemed quite charmed but I, because of my low esteem kept pushing him away. I always thought he would prefer a taller girl and because of my own stupidity lost a great friend and admirer who genuinely liked me. Ultimately it’s the person that matters not his/her complexion, built, height because people come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes the world beautiful. Just imagine if all would be equally tall or fair the world will lose its charm. Start loving yourself and you will see the world will love you!

  • Muskan

    I am also girl of short height which makes me feel inferior sometime. My boyfriend is very tall than me. But I like the way you gave the right answer. It really gives me courage. Thanks.