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Do Guys Like Girls With a Toned and Muscular Body?

I was wondering if guys like girls with muscles and an athletic build or even abdominal muscles, like a six pack? Or do they find this off putting and unatractive? - Emily

Hi Emily,

As humans, we have evolved tremendously over the several thousand years, but we still carry many of our “primitive” conditioning. During the primitive ages, men were the hunters and women were the “home makers”.

Men were naturally endowed with taut muscles, which helped them wield weapons and forage for long distances. Women on the other hand were naturally endowed with “smooth” muscles, which gave them a supple, curvaceous look instead of a “chiseled” look. So men are inherently wired to be attracted to “natural” looking women with a supple body, and many men are unconsciously turned off by a taut “muscles” on a girl.

It’s quite common for many guys to feel “threatened” by a girl who has a muscular body; they perceive her to be “non-feminine”. Men have traditionally been associating adjectives like soft, tender, slender, curvaceous and smooth with a “female” body. A female body usually epitomizes these attributes very naturally. When a woman starts “weight training” or consciously works on building biceps, triceps and abdominal muscles (for the purpose of sports or other activities), she develops a taut, muscular and athletic body, and men don’t associate these adjectives with a female body, so they are naturally not attracted.

Given a choice between a slender, curvaceous female body and a taut, muscular female body, a huge majority of men would go in for the slender, curvy one. Men don’t mind girls being slightly over-weight either, as long as she has a curvaceous body. But a muscular female body is definitely offsetting, simply because men are not “conditioned” to know a woman’s body to be muscular, it’s the primitive conditioning that still operates most of our thinking.

It’s one thing to have a toned, slim and slender body (achieved through aerobics and light weight lifting) and a totally different deal to have a “muscular” toned body achieved through weight training. Men are attracted to women with slender, toned bodies, and “primarily” most men still prefer “voluptuousness” in women. But very few men would have a liking for a “muscular” female body; it’s almost a subconscious repulsion.

It’s best to retain what is “natural”. Men are naturally muscled, and with a little weight training they develop very taut muscles. Women are naturally supple, with smooth muscles and they need to do some really rigorous weight training to end up with a chiseled body. Women with “natural” bodies is what attracts men, they could care less about the six pack abdomen or a well muscled thigh on a woman.

Most men are obnoxiously turned off by the “zero size” figures that many girls are trying to cultivate. Men love smooth curves on a woman, why would you go for a size zero? The traditional “feminine” body is epitomized by “slightly voluptuous”, smooth, soft, supple and curvy “flow”. In a female body, anything which looks “chiseled”, like a six pack abdomen, comes across as unnatural and unattractive to most men.


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