Can Men Tell if a Woman is a Virgin?

Published on: September 25, 2016


Question asked by Lynn – Can men tell if a woman is a virgin? Is it obvious to them?


Hi Lynn,

It is NOT possible for a guy to tell for sure if a girl is a virgin or not just by observing her responses and actions; but guys will make their judgment and assumptions based on her behavior.

A guy can, make assumptions about a girl’s virginity by judging her behavior in public and in private. Here are a few signs that a guys usually look for to determine if a girl has been physical with someone else before him.

The way you kiss

The assumption most guys make is that if a girl is good kisser then she has been in physically intimate relationship before. It takes practice to get good at kissing in spite of watching several videos on how to kiss better. So if you are a good kisser the guy is going to deduce that you are definitely not a virgin.

How flirty you are

Guys know that a girl who gets flirty is definitely not averse to getting physical so there is a very small chance of her being a virgin. There are many girls who are very open and overt with their flirting, which basically indicates that they are very comfortable and confident about their sexuality; guys immediately sense such vibes and conclude that the girl has had her “physical” experiences. A girl who flirts is immediately taken to be a “non-virgin”.

The way you dress

Guys come to all sorts of conclusions about a girl solely based on the way she dresses. If a guy sees that a girl dressed up in a revealing top, skirt, jeans or shorts, he immediately concludes that she is an easy “lay”. If a girl is bold with the way she dresses then she is labeled as a non-virgin, because guys sense a sex appeal in such girls which makes them conclude that she is very confident about her sexuality and hence experienced in the matter of physical intimacy.

How long do you date before getting intimate

If a girl is okay with being kissed or touched by the third date, the guy is bound to conclude that she is an easy lay and hence a non-virgin. Guys do believe that a virgin would be more diffident about getting intimate and thus would put it off at least till the seventh or eight date. If you get physically intimate too easily, and quickly, the guy just assumes that you have had previous experiences in these matters.

The way you react to physical intimacy

It’s quite easy to determine if a guy or a girl is a virgin simply by observing how they react to close physical intimacy. Virgins are very likely to be self-conscious, and a little sloppy, due to lack of experience; this is truer for a girl than a guy. So if you are too quick with tearing his clothes off a part of his mind would pop the thought that you are not a virgin.

Basically it boils down to boldness versus modesty. A girl who comes across as being modest in her dressing, her make up, and the way she talks, is usually adjudged to be a virgin as opposed to a girl who is bold with her dressing, who flirts freely. The more confident a girl seems about her sexuality the more conviction guys have that she is not a virgin.