I Found My Boyfriend Looking at Escort Sites!

Published on: April 25, 2017

Question by Nicole (Name changed on request): I’ve been dating my bf for 7 months, we see each other regularly each weekend as he sees his kids and I’ve got my kids. So we tend to catch a whole day and whole one or two nights on our own together.

We get on really well however when we’ve spent time together on a weekend he may withdraw through the following week by only texting a few times which I don’t mind as we’ve talked about how we like our own space.

It varies from one week to the next but I’m also aware that he still logs into a dating web site of which he has hidden his profile. I’ve never mentioned it but when I deleted mine months ago he said he had deleted his I didn’t ever ask to delete it.

I also found he had been looking at escort sites of which I did confront him . . He says he has never used an escort but just likes the pics and the forums even though he says he doesn’t indulge in chat etc. We have a fabulous sex life and he’s always complimenting me well both of us on our being together in bed. I don’t feel he’s cheating however I’m confused by him feeling the need it seems to go on a dating site and escort site regularly.

I would like to ask whether he is really into me?