Boyfriend Got Jealous And Stopped Talking

Published on: April 25, 2017

Question by Carol: I have been together with my boyfriend for almost 9 months now. Everything went good until this month. He had to go visit one of his family members in another country so we haven’t seen each other for almost a month. After 1 week that he went there I also went to my family in another country. From there all the problems started.

He started getting jealous for my male friends, and then a Facebook page that put photos of beautiful girls asked me to send my profile photo and I did it. I didn’t tell him that they’ve put my photo on their page. The next day I put a snapchat story with the screenshot that this page posted my photo, just to make him jealous.

I’ve also made my profile public and my bf noticed it. Things got really bad, when he sent me the photo and said that he feels betrayed because I wanted to find someone better etc.. and he told me to never talk to him again.

After that I’ve tried to explain to him that I didn’t do it on purpose and that I will say to them to delete the photo and I did, I even closed the account.

For 4 days I tried to talk to him and explain him that I am sorry etc.. He responded to my messages but told me that he was so angry and he can’t forgive me this easy. I called him on phone and I tried to calm him and make us see each other to discuss face to face.

He was okay with it but just after 30 seconds he regretted that he accepted to talk live and he told me no, because you don’t deserve it after what you did. What do you want now from me etc..

He told me the he doesn’t love me anymore and that he will delete me and block me everywhere.

After that fight he sent me a message and told me that he doesn’t know what to do, because he can’t calm his self. And I tried again to make him go out and discuss, he told me that he doesn’t have time and he cant come because he is at his friend’s house.

From that moment I stopped writing him, so we haven’t talked for 1 week. He always checks my Snapchat stories, and I don’t open his stories, because I want him to know that I’ve tried and its enough. I don’t know what to do, I don’t really want to be the one that always talk to him, because I’ll be annoying this way, but he has a really bad ego so.. I don’t have an idea what to do anymore. Please help!