Boyfriend Still Keeps In Touch With His Ex And I Hate That

by: Admin
Question by Mavelle

Recently, I saw a picture of my boyfriend and his ex on a birthday celebration of the girl’s nephew. When I saw their picture, I asked him right away if they have a relationship or they got back together, but he repeatedly denied that they have something in between. I kept on asking him on why he didn’t tell me about going to that event, but he’s not giving me concrete answers, and we just ended up arguing about it.

I freaked out because his ex keeps on insulting me on her Twitter account, and I don’t want him to have any means of communication with that girl. And we’re having terrible fights because of her.

We’re still not communicating up to this point in time. I’m worried if he’s going to end up our relationship, and he still have relationship with his ex. What should I do?

Dear Mavelle, thank you for writing in. In answer to your question, I’m sorry, I just have to be blunt: your boyfriend isn’t over his ex and it is obvious that for the time being he just won’t be. If he chooses to go to his exs’ family events without you and becomes angry if you ask about it, it’s obvious that in his heart he prefers being with her.

She too must still have feelings for him, because why else would she bully you, spent time with him and ask him to be around at her nephews birthday of all places?

It is best if you look at your relationship and ask yourself if it is worth the pain. Why would you want to be in a situation where you are second choice and maybe just a convenience for a guy who doesn’t even defend you when you are insulted by the ex he is still going out with?

I understand that you love him and might not want to lose him, but if you stay in this situation you will only get more hurt in the future and lose him anyway.

My advise is for you to end the relationship yourself and leave with your self esteem in tact before he has the chance of dumping you. Maybe he is the sort of guy who likes to have what he cannot get and will start chasing you (don’t take him back) or he could end up with his ex and you’ll be proven right. Either way you will be free to start a new life with someone who deserves you.