Boyfriend Asked For My Ring Size – What Does That Mean?

Published on: April 25, 2017

Question by Athena: Good evening!!! So a couple of months ago my boyfriend asked me out of the blue while I was driving what my ring size was…. He immediately told me that it wasn’t what I thought it was… So I shakes it off and told him okay and I wasn’t sure. So two weeks ago I finally told him I found out what my ring size was since he asked me a few months ago. When I said it he sounded pretty excited and said “okay awesome”.. In an almost ecstatic way.. Not too crazy, but enough to pretty say he seemed happy to hear my ring size.

Would that mean he has been thinking about it since he asked? We have been together almost two years in November. So I have asked my grandma what she thought and she told me to not scare him.. What do you guys think?

Hi Athena,

Let me put it this way: men do not ask for a girl’s ring size for any reason other than he is buying you a ring.

After two years together, I sincerely hope and expect it’s an engagement ring! He told you it’s not what you think to throw you off. He wants to it be a surprise. I hope I’m not ruining it!

Your job now is to be completely nonchalant with him about it. It took you a while to get your ring size, which was great. Don’t freak him out now by getting excited about it in front of him.

Your grandma knows what she’s talking about.

In fact, try not to get too excited at all. Put it out of your mind and go about life as normal.

If he doesn’t know he wants to marry you after two years, when is he going to know? It’s a very good sign. Good luck!

Answer by Lynda Love.

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