Do Men Like Women with Curves?

This is an open question. Guys and girls, please feel free to leave your take on this question in the comments below. We will publish the best comments.

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Roby said..
Popular beliefs, TV and fashion magazines would get you believing that men love slim women. The slimmer the sexier. Well, prepare to be shocked. The truth is that to most men the curvier the sexier philosophy holds true. After all what are the physical traits that differentiate a man from a woman? Men don't have curves but women do. So curviness defines a female body. But having said that, I would like to make one thing clear; men lust for hourglass figure in women. Remember, I used the word lust and not love. Lust because men associate curviness with sex. When it comes to true love, things are very different.

Selena said..
Reports suggest that men lust for women with a lower waist to hip ratio as this suggests fertility. This means, men like smaller waist and a comparatively bulkier hip. The curve given rise by the smaller waist and bigger hips is what makes men go crazy behind the women blessed with these traits. (BTW the waist to hip ratio is the number you get by dividing the size of the waist by the size of the hips.)

Timothy said..
I like curvy women but I like slim women too. I really find it difficult to judge what kind of body I like more. Guess I just love girls in general irrespective of their body shape.