Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas to Make for Boyfriend

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It is a good idea to come up with a hand-made gift as a Valentine’s day present because it would symbolize your willingness to spend time and effort over your relationship. What you make him can also depict your skills with home based crafts which will emphasize your feminine nature in the eyes of your boyfriend.

You can consider several creative ideas depending on the time you have available and the amount of effort you can put in. The important thing is to work within your limitations instead of trying to do anything fanciful that ends up looking ordinary.

Creative Vday Gift Ideas

Some simple creative ideas, on what you make for your boyfriend on valentine’s day, are listed below:

A decorated heart

You can make a beautiful art piece that looks like the shape of a heart and embed your boyfriend’s name on it. The base can be made out of cardboard, sponge or even wood. You can ask your local carpenter to cut out a heart shaped wooden base for you.

You can hand paint the heart or wrap it in a red cloth or color paper. Using some strong glue you can line the border of this heart with marbles or artificial gemstones. Make some interesting designs using small shiners on the inside of the heart. You can then write words like “I love you”, or your boyfriend’s name, using stained glass or colored sticks.

A hand crafted hand-kerchief

If you are good with stitching you can consider making a “custom made” hand kerchief with your boyfriend’s name, or some love message, stitched within it. All you need to do is purchase a clear white silk hand kerchief, even a red one would do fine.

Using colored threads stitch out your message at the center of the hand kerchief. You can do something creative like make a heart pattern and put your boyfriend’s name and your name at the center of it.

A greeting card made from flower petals

You can make a valentine’s day card on your own using some flower petals and grains. The petals need to be dried and flattened first so be sure to collect all the flower petals you need and keep it inside a heavy book a week before you start making the card.

Using a white cardboard paper, or any strong sheet, for the base you can make any designer pattern making use of the flattened petals. Make sure you have red rose petals in your collection. One idea would be to make a heart out of the rose petals and line the inside of the heart with the other petals.

You can then use some rice grains to write your message. The way to do this would be to write your message with a pencil, apply glue to on the letters and sprinkle dry rice grains on top. You can also use colored sprinklers instead of rice grains.

A hand made soft toy

You can make a bunny or a teddy bear using satin and sponge, of course this requires some skills with stitching as well as hand crafts. You will first have to make the body parts using the satin cloth, stuff it with sponge and then stitch the parts together.

Alternatively you can just make a sponge heart. Using the satin cloth make a heart shaped pillow and then stuff it with the sponge, stitch up the seams. You can then imprint a message on the heart by using colored buttons or artificial gem stones.

Most girls are naturally skilled at stitching and hand crafting so all of the above gift ideas are very feasible. The bottom line is to keep it simple and yet creative. If you are good at cooking, you can consider making a heart shaped chocolate cake for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and present him your gift while he’s appreciating your cooking skills.

What did you give your boyfriend for Valentine’s day? Please let us know in the comments below and we will publish it here for all to see.