What Do Men Want in a Relationship?

Men today are confused. They have no clue what hit the fabric of the society and how things they took for granted changed so suddenly. The age of women empowerment and feministic outlook has men disillusioned more than ever. They donít grudge women their freedom, or power, itís just that they are having a hard time relating to the new age woman.

One can say women are just as confused due to their new found power especially when it comes to relating with men. Relationships have ceased to be what they were in the good old days. The attributes men look for in a relationship are becoming increasing difficult to find, leaving them searching wildly.

Contrary to the popular opinion among women, what men want in a relationship are really simple attributes. Men are not complex in fact they are really simple in their needs.

What are Men Looking for in a Relationship?

So what is it that men want in a relationship? Their needs are basically the same as it was in with their primitive ancestors. Here is what men want from their lifemate.

A Lover

Men seek physical and emotional satisfaction in their relationship. Most men are emotional beings. Women who beg to differ have just been meeting the minority. The fact is that men have to show a tough exterior outside because society expects this of them. Men donít show it outside but there are many who break down when they are alone.

The toughest men have the softest heart. Men want love and care from their partner in a relationship, more than anything else. They just want a woman who will love them for what they are, without judgments.

A Trustworthy Partner

Men look for trust in their relationship. Even men who themselves are not very loyal would expect their mate to stand up to their trust. It seems a little unfair but thatís how it is. Men canít stand their trust being broken. The cases of infidelity and unfaithfulness are increasing among women at a rate equal to men, or more. Men seek stability in their marriage.

A Friend

Only a woman can be a manís best friend, this because men donít share their emotional facets with their male buddies. Men need a lot of emotional support which they depend on their woman to provide. If the history is any proof, the most successful men had a strong woman in their life. Friendship is what men really want in a relationship. Most women nowadays fail to see this because they always look at men as manipulative creatures.

In a nutshell, if you are asking what do men want in a relationship, the answer will be - love, trust, physical intimacy and friendship Ė most other attributes are secondary.