What do Men Think of Virgins?

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There was a time when virginity was taken for granted in a newly wed bride but that’s history now. In some parts of the world girls are still traditional and tend to keep their virginity intact until marriage but westernization is catching up in these parts quite quickly.

When a man starts dating a girl he is usually quite sure that she is not a virgin and it comes as a surprise to him if she actually turns out to be one. So what do men really think of virgins in today’s age? One word that comes to mind is “pristine”, it’s like finding someone who seems out of the mould.

Points to Consider

Trusting Becomes Quite Easy

When a man knows that his girl is a virgin, he deducts that she has not had a serious relationship with another man before. So there is no “ex-boyfriend” issues to deal with. Moreover virginity also implies that she is a lot more restrained in the pursuit of sex. A man would find that comforting because he would believe that she will not go astray in the relationship and she would stay loyal. This is expecially true for men who have trust issues.

Do Some Men Feel More Secure with a Virgin?

It’s true that some men feel strained about their sexual performance. For a man it’s quite an insult to come across as a sloppy lover. While having sex with an experienced girl a man (who is low on experience) is not quite sure of what she is thinking, she might be comparing him with some of her ex-lovers. With a virgin he doesn’t have to harbor such fears. A man would feel comforted knowing that she will not be comparing him with other men while having sex with him.

First Time Lovers

Virginity is still quite a sacred thing in a man’s dictionary and he does value it. It definitely eggs his ego to sleep with a girl who is a virgin because in his own mind it’s something ‘special’ that a girl is willing to give up her virginity to him.

That Special Person

Whether you are a guy or a girl, your virginity is a sacred thing. Lose it to that special person. The one with whom you share a deep connection and you will find that it’s such a beautiful experience. Don’t rush into things under peer pressure. Have patience and the right person will come along soon.