7 Basic Things That Guys Want in a Girlfriend

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As human beings we are all unique and we bring our distinctive perceptions, and conditioning, into every aspect of our life. So there can be no actual generalization on what guys look for in their girlfriend because it will differ from guy to guy.

Some guys might just be looking to have some fun and prefer a casual relationship while some look for commitment and long term bonding.

Having said that, there are some basic elements that every guy looks for in a girlfriend. Here I list seven such elements that I think are quite important.

Things Guys Look for in a Girlfriend

Based on experience and studies it can be identified that what most men look for in a girlfriend are the attributes below.

1.) Love

Guys do expect their girlfriend to be in love with them. There needs to exist an element of emotional attraction along with the physical intimacy. Without this emotional bonding the relationship becomes hollow in some time.

Guys tend to share their emotions and inner feelings with their girlfriend. In truth, they hardly share their emotional side with their male friends – so a girlfriend does become a very special person in his life.

2.) Company

Even if he has a lot of guy friends to hang out with, they cannot fulfill the part a girl can play in his life. A guy’s need for emotional intimacy and closeness is satisfied only in the company of his girlfriend.

Most guys feel at peace when they are in a stable relationship with their girlfriend because there’s a deep need for feminine intimacy in a man’s life. So a good company is one of the most basic attributes that a guy looks for in a girlfriend.

3.) Inner and External Beauty

Physical attractiveness is important to both men as well as women and there is no doubt about it. But what also needs to be noted is that beauty in the absence of other feminine features like – tenderness, warmth, kindness and caring nature – can easily offset a man’s interest in the long run.

A girl who has the strength of inner beauty and femininity would make for a much better girlfriend than a girl with spectacular looks who exhibits coldness.

4.) Intimacy

Physical closeness and sexual intimacy fulfills a deep need for bonding, and this is true for both men and women.

Men do look for deep intimacy with their girlfriend.

But it’s not just sexual intimacy that guys look for; simple acts of physical intimacy like hugging, kissing or just cuddling can be just as satisfying.

5.) Playfulness

Guys usually have a carefree streak to them and they prefer girls who are laid back and playful to girls who are constantly in a negative mood. Playfulness is something everyone is born with, but most people lose this part of their personality due to pressures of daily living.

There is a lot less friction and dissatisfaction in a relationship where the girl stays cheerful and laid back.

6.) Trust

This is another attribute that is common to both men and women. Guys need in their girlfriend a girl whom they can trust and a girl who trusts them back.

7.) Friendship

Only a girl can be a guy’s best friend, for a good reason that most guys avoid sharing their emotional side with their male friends. Friendship is usually prior to an intimate relationship and guys want that from their girlfriend. Guys do look to their girlfriend to take the place of a best friend in their life.

In conclusion, a girlfriend is just what the name specifies – a girl who becomes a guy’s best friend.

Emotional bonding is what holds the relationship together. If you are a girl who is hung up with the idea that sex is all that guys look for in their girlfriend – you’ve not been meeting the right guys.

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