What to Say to Turn Your Boyfriend On?

Guys are highly visual creatures, which means that they get turned on more by what they ďseeĒ rather than what they hear. So if you are looking to turn your boyfriend itís not just the words but also your facial expression and body language that will do the trick. The good news is that you donít have to be too skilled at it because guys get turned on quite easily.

What You Say Is Not As Important As How You Say It

A completely innocent word can be made to sound erotic if you say it a husky and seductive tone. Girls have a natural gift of sensuality; some girls are in touch with this aspect of their personality while some need to recognize it in them. The most ordinary words can be made to sound sexy by adding a touch of sensuality to it.

The tone you use is what makes all the difference. Guys are usually turned on when their girl whispers something seductive in their ear. Soft sensual under tones mixed with a pinch of naughtiness can be quite a heady mix.

Use the moments of intimacy with your boyfriend to get in touch with your sensual nature. If you are shy or inhibited about your sensuality, you would be turning off a very major aspect of your persona. Guys do get turned on when they come in touch with a girl who has a confident sense of sensuality about her.

Tips On What To Say To Turn Your Boyfriend On

Most guys get incredibly turned on when a girl talks dirty. Thatís because dirty talk comes naturally to guys but it sounds really naughty when it comes from a girl. Of course you donít need to go over board with the dirty talk because it can spook your boyfriend especially if heís not used to you talking dirty.

Some Definite (Turn On) Seductive Talk Examples:

Turn Me On Baby

Itís an invitation for your boyfriend to start getting wild. Guys get pretty turned when their girl asks them to turn her on.

Ravish Me

There is something very ďanimalisticĒ about these words. Itís a huge turn on for a guy to hear his girl inviting him to take her on.

Eat Me

There are no two guesses about what these words mean and guys are more than willing to do the biding.

Let's Get Naughty

There is an under tone of wanting to do something real dirty and itís a definite turn on coming for a girl. When you say this be sure to sound as sensual as you can.

I am All Yours

The seductive under tone in these words does turn on most guys; itís like a statement of trust and mischief at the same time.

Be sure to use some nickname along with these words, something like honey, darling, bad boy, hunk or baby can induce a higher turn on. Itís extremely sexual for a guy to have his girl using her voice sensually while talking ďnaughtyĒ.

You must remember that you are with a partner you trust, so everything goes. Throw your inhibitions to air and get rid of your shyness, donít let them get in the way of you having fun.