10 Traits Men Find Attractive in a Woman

When we talk about attraction, we are not talking about lust (which is also a form of attraction). A man can be physically attracted to a woman, without any feelings of love, and this form of attraction is purely primal and is focused completely on the "body" of the woman involved. What we are talking about, in this article, is the attraction which is synonymous with love. Relationships are built on a love based attraction, so what's important would be know the traits in a woman, that men find most attractive, which makes them fall in love.

Traits Men Find Attractive in a Woman

The following are some of the traits that guys find attractive in women. The list in not in any particular order of preference, and it can be assumed that the 10 factors make an impact in unison.

Soft heartedness

Men are more likely to fall in love with a woman who is soft, or warm, hearted, than a woman who is cold. Guys love to be mothered (not nagged but cared for), and so they tend to fall for a woman who offers them acceptance and warmth. This would have to be the trait that men find most attractive in women.


Men fall in love with the "modest" girls, and lust after the "hot" ones. Modesty in behavior, dressing and talking is what men look for in their "long-term" partner. Though guys find "hot" women attractive, it's mostly physical in nature and they lose interest after a few passionate encounters in the bed. There is also a common consent among men that "hot" women are less reliable, and high maintenance. In short, men love women who they can take home to their mother.


Men are attracted to a woman who projects a strength of character and integrity. The word "fidelity" is becoming rarer nowadays even among women, who were historically more loyal of the two, and men find this to be bad news. So men are constantly on the look out for a woman who can invoke trust through her strength of character.

The Woman's voice

Women are naturally endowed with a beautiful voice which men find highly attractive. Some men love a strong voice in a woman, some prefer a soft tone, with a low pitch. Some women have a husky voice and many guys find that attractive too. Surveys have indicated that women subconsciously lower their voice when talking with a potential mate.

Facial Features

It's beyond the scope of this article to discuss all the facial features that play a part in attraction, but some of them are the eyes and the eyebrows, lips, facial cut and symmetry, nose and definitely the smile.
  • Smile - A smile can easily win over a male heart. If, as a girl, you are prone to having a smiling face you are more likely to be approached by guys than when you have a smug, or frowning, face.
  • Lips - Surveys have indicated that men find fuller lips on a woman more attractive as they reflect the woman's health and fertility.
  • Eyes and Eyebrows - Next to the smile and the lips, this is another facial feature that men get attracted to. Some men simply fall in love with the woman's eyes. Well maintained 'natural looking' eyebrows are defenitely a plus. Doesn't mean they have to be pencil thin; natural looking and symmetrical is way more attractive than pencil thin which makes a face look rather artificial.

The Woman's Hair

Most men get attracted by moderately long hair or anything close to shoulder length as that looks more feminine. Having said that, there are a lot of men who find women with short hair attractive.

Other Physical Features

As far as physical features are concerned, men get attracted to a woman's skin tone, height, Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-to-Chest ratio and Waist-to-Hip ratio. But it has to be noted that attraction to these factors are purely subjective and vary widely across cultures.

So these were a few important traits that men find attractive in women. But again, every man has his unique taste. The above points are common to most men but not for all. Look at it this way. A man may look for and get attracted to such qualities in a woman that he lacks himself. For instance, a tough guy will look for a soft female. Hope you got the idea.

Bear in mind that for every woman there is a man out there, so just relax and look out for him.

Your Comments

Laura said..
I will agree that men look at women from two differet points of view. One from the point of view of love and one of lust. And when it comes to love, attraction happens very naturally depending on the mental/biological makeup of the man. If it is meant to be, it is meant to be. I also think that aura or energy levels of the body play a major role in attraction. So I don't think there can be a specific set of positive traits applicable to all men in general.

Julie said..
I agree with Laura above. Every man is different and has his unique taste in what he likes or dislikes about women.

LN said..
I don't know why, but I mainly get attracted to shy introverted girls. Girls who do not have many friends and don't form part of any group. My girlfriend of five years is a very shy girl and we share a deep relationship. Apart from me she only has one other friend who is her distant cousin. She is shy with others but when we are alone, she opens up and I love that.

Also, she is not big on the makeup and prefers staying natural. Another factor that I find attrative in her.

Shane said..
I would say the wavelength factor or 'aura' is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to attraction. For instance, I can walk into a room full of girls but would get attracted to only one girl in the room. It could be because of a variety of factors as mentioned here, but I think the main reason was the wavelenght match which happens on a subconscious level. So girls, stop trying to change yourself.

True love/attraction does have any rules. Just be yourself and you will find a mate who compliments you and you will live together ever after. Don't change yourself to find love.

Val said..
Guys tell me why is it that I attract my friend's boyfriends but I can never attract my own? Does it mean I am a second preference or what?

Harry said..
Anyone telling people not to change in order to attract the opposite sex is wrong, because everyone "changes themselves" in order to impress others.

That said, 99% of the stuff on this page, is excellent advice, speaking as a man. The only thing I could quibble with is the "confidence" part, which gives the initial impression to women that we care about their confidence or find it attractive. We don't. That's a trait women find attractive in men, like money, or a high-profile job, or celebrity.

We don't care one whit about your confidence, ladies, neither in the sense of "self-esteem" that it really means or in the sense of "sexual aggressiveness" that you mean when you use the word. It doesn't make an iota of a difference regarding our feelings for you. That's the good news, the bad news is that it's exactly the same regarding your social status. You can't increase your chances of landing a high-status or high-earning male through having a better-paying or more prestigious job. Again, we don't care. If you were the President of the United States,it still wouldn't mean anything to us, so a lot of you have wasted a lot of time and a lot of money. Sorry you had to find out this way.

Fragileswan said..
I just wanted to add that male-female attraction is a genetic mating trait specifically intended to preserve and procreate the human species. Men like bigger breasts because they want their babies nursed on them. But first the male must inseminate the female uterus. Hence, males have a mating response to large, firm, well-formed, pointed-up breasts. Babies nursed on ample breasts have a higher survival rate over the last 10,000 years, so the male trait of desiring to mate with large-busted females, and the female trait of large firm well-formed breasts have been passed on through countless generations up to today when the trait among men is almost universal!

Funny Chick said..
Men love funny women. Women who don't care about what the world thinks - looks are important too but only when accompanied by someone who is confident enough to address a man regardless of status. I am chubby, easy on the eyes but hold eye contact very well when talking with men. I have also learnt that men are drawn to strong women who show respect and who do not back down when they are passionate about something. Men want women, not sheep. Being yourself is one thing - being brave enough to show it is another. All in all - we all want the same thing from each other.