Topics to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

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During the initial stages of a relationship it’s quite common for a girl to start wondering about the topics she should talk about with her boyfriend. Once the relationship matures and you get used to each other’s life, then you would not be searching for topics for conversation.

Conversation Starter Topics

There are some sure fire conversation starters which girls can employ with guys, here’s a list of them.

The wheels

Most guys enjoy talking about anything that has wheels on it. If you sense that your boyfriend is interested in cars or bikes, then it makes for a great topic to get him talking. You could start the conversation by talking about some xyz car or bike that you found interesting, leave it to the guy from there on.

Food and drink

Majority of the guys love talking about their favorite drinks. Guys love talking about food too, especially the cool joints they have visited and the kind of cuisine they dig. But drinks are what interests most guys. If you can brush up on your knowledge of cocktails, and liquors in general, you can have a scintillating talk with your boyfriend. It’s difficult to stop some guys when they get started on their favorite brand of beer.


Outdoor sports is what is being referred to here. Most guys are into some form of sport or the other, either they watch it or play it. Get to know what type of sport your boyfriend is into and get yourself abreast with some happenings related to that sport. Your boyfriend is sure to be impressed with your sports knowledge and he will enjoy talking with you about it.

The movies

You would be hard pressed to find a guy who is not into some particular genre of movies. Some like sci-fi, some like action which some even go in for the gushy love stuff. Talking about movies makes for long conversations because you can discuss the plots, act the critic and chat up about the actors.

His line of work

Not all guys like talking about their work, especially if they don’t like it much. But if your boyfriend is passionate about his work then he would love for you to discuss it with him. You can get some information on the type of work, or studies, your boyfriend is into and initiate conversation with him along those lines.

His buddies

If your boyfriend is one of those “guys guy” then he would like nothing more than to talk about his buddies with you. Such guys love dishing out anecdotes relating to their friends. A word of caution though, once they start discussing their buddies you will find it hard to stop the conversation.

His hobbies

This is an obvious one. If your boyfriend is into a hobby he is sure enjoy talking to you about it. Most guys do have some form of a hobby, or even a past time of interest. Gaming, software, gadgets or art are some usual hobbies that guys have. You can get him started on his hobby by relating your interest in getting to know more about it.

His childhood

Almost everyone loves talking about their childhood, the school days, the mischief and the fun. You can ask him about his childhood or his school days, he wouldn’t need more encouragement than that to get started. New topics of conversation will bloom as he goes about his narration. This also gives you a great opportunity to get to know him better as a person.

As you get to know him better there will be more and more topics to talk about. Of course, sometimes you will find that there is nothing to talk about at all, in which case it’s best to let silence do the talking. When you are really close to a person you will find that silence speaks a language of its own.