Tips To Become A More Feminine Woman

In today’s society, women have been heavily influenced by the Feminist movement, and often, women demand a lot from men, expecting them to ‘do’ a lot of things for them, but don’t want to do anything in return for a man. The Feminist movement has confused a lot of men about their role. Many men are becoming more like women – more feminine, and many women are becoming more manly in their approach to relationships and life in general.

As a result of this, more relationships are breaking down, gender roles are less defined, and people are losing sight of the ‘secret’ to great, loving, long-lasting relationships where the couple are in love for the rest of their lives. If you want to have a wonderful relationship with your boyfriend, and understand why you fight, why he shuts down when you talk, or why he gets angry, or even why he cheated on you or dumped you – you need to understand the value of becoming more feminine, and how you can fulfil your boyfriend’s needs at the deepest level.

The secret to amazing, long-lasting relationships is to firstly work on you: to work on consistently eliminating your fears, become more of who you truly are at your core (whether you’re feminine or masculine at your core), and to give more to your man, because true love occurs when you forget about yourself!

You will need to understand the concept of polarity/passion and a deep understanding of your boyfriend as a man. Passion comes from opposing energies/characters in a relationship (feminine energy/masculine energy), and are one of the major determiners of whether you will in fact have a fulfilling and extraordinary relationship, or whether you will attract the right kind of man in to your life – instead of the a**holes. :)

How does a lasting, passionate, loving and intimate relationship form and how can it last?

Extraordinary relationships happen when there is a clear polarity between the two people in the relationship. In other words, the more opposite the energies are – the more ATTRACTION both individuals will experience. This is how passion, intimacy and ecstasy occur, and last through the years. This will also help you be MORE attractive to MORE men! The reason why this is so important is because it’s no longer happening in today’s society. The temper of women is getting worse, women are angrier, more selfish, less feminine, and less willing to prioritise their relationships and are more interested in careers, competition or looking good.

Most women think that they can just work on looking prettier on the outside, in order to attract more men, and to feel better about themselves. In reality, this doesn’t lead to healthy relationships and as we all know, physical looks are only a part of the equation.

So how do you improve your relationships through your femininity?

Firstly, you will need to start appreciating and understanding men and their needs. You’ll also need to start to appreciate their role, and stop acting like you can do everything yourself, which a lot of women do these days. There’s a reason why men are attracted to girly girls, and damsels in distress J it’s because girls like this make men feel needed, and make men feel more like a man! The feeling of being more of a man, and the feeling of strength and worth is one of the best experiences any man can have.

The softer you are, the more a man will be attracted to you, and protect you beyond his own life. If you give him a reason to feel needed, and if you love him without question, and you fulfil all his needs, he will not have a need to go to another woman.

Becoming more feminine involves letting go of pain from past relationships, learning to trust men again, and to let him lead you at times, in your relationship.

The more innocent, smiley, girly and child-like you are, the more happiness you are likely to bring to a man. The more “independent” and “strong” you are,, the less you seem to ‘need’ a man, or respect his strengths and what he can bring to you as a woman, the less likely you’re going to attract and keep a man. There’s nothing wrong with strength, but it’s better to be strong in a woman’s way, in a feminine way, rather than in a way that a man would be “strong”.

Think of femininity and masculinity as being like the opposite ends of magnets. Opposites attract!

This kind of traditional and natural sexual energy has been stripped away over time by some feminist theories, and by women wanting to compete with, and do the same things as men. The reality is that women and men ARE different, and they are different for a reason. Please follow this link if you would like to learn more about how to be feminine.

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Rose said..
Great article. I really liked it.

Samantha B said..
If you try to radically change your personality or energy to be more feminine (or masculine, etc.), it will only last so long. Over time you will tire of the act and begin to resent the relationship because of it. Best to be yourself, but be your self at your best. I'm not sure how old the author is, but men from my generation (I'm 42) seem much more attracted to strong, confident women than a middle-aged woman trying to act childlike and needy!