Do Men Think About Sex All the Time?

No, they also think about sports, food, bills and work. But of course most men have prominent sex drives owing largely to the hormone "testosterone" that ranges through their body. There is a tendency among men to have "sexual" thoughts at the drop of a hat because their brains are wired up for "procreation".

Having constant thoughts of sex has nothing to do with a lack of character or maturity. In men "thinking" about sex happens almost unconsciously especially during their younger days.

The young male mind is wired for sex

Genetically the male brain is conditioned to seek "mating" as much as possible, of course reason and ethics keep these impulses in control.

In fact most men just go about their day totally unconscious of the many "sexual" thoughts that arise in their head. Sometimes they look at a woman and have thoughts like "wow sheís hot", almost unconsciously without even realizing that this reaction happened.

Some young men feel guilty of their sexuality

A good amount of male population actually feels guilty about their sex drive. Itís not uncommon for a man to feel "depraved" for having sexual thoughts so constantly. What they donít realize is that it happens on automaton, absolutely on itís own without any real intention.

Even when men get their share of sex from their girlfriend or wife, it does not stop them from ogling at other women all the time. This again happens unconsciously. Men do feel helpless about their sexual excesses, many feel terribly guilty.

Itís not uncommon for men to turn to spirituality or therapy out of the need to feel "good" about themselves. In a society where sex is held as a sinful, though it may have subtle under tones, itís quite obvious that a man will feel guilty about his sexuality or sexual craving. Not all men have such complexes though.

In conclusion, sex holds a very prominent position in the minds of men, there is no denying this fact. Mostly this is due to conditioning and genes, though it may look depraved or animalistic externally. It may not be true but statistics have shown that many men grow out of their sex drive after the age of 35 when their career starts to take a more important position in their life, what a relief!