9 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You By His Body Language

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How to tell if a man likes you or not? You can find women everywhere asking this question in their own mind or checking up with their friends or asking relationship experts, but in reality, it’s easy for a woman to find out if a man really likes her, for two simple reasons as follows:

  1. Most men are open books and their body language gives them away.
  2. Women can intuitively sense if a man is checking her out.

As a woman, when you get an intuition that a guy is interested in you, it’s mostly a true one and you can simply bank on it. So finding out if a man really likes you could just be about making a double-check on your intuition or gut feeling.

Nevertheless, there are women who doubt their intuition and would like more concrete evidence to determine if a man digs her. So in this article we have made an attempt to list down some important body language signals which indicate whether he likes you or not.

Body Language of Men – Does He Like You?

Women are much more adept at controlling their body language than men are; the reason could lie in the psychological fact that women are more in touch with their body than men. Men are poor at manipulating their body language and so in most cases their unconscious actions are a give away of their feelings.

Let’s make it clear, some men are just too obvious in their approach – they make steady eye contact, they give you their flashy or flirty smile, they get close into your personal space, they try to initiate conversation and start asking for your number after a few pleasantries.

Such men are “pros”, or may be even players, when it comes to dealing with women – but these types of guys are the minority. Most men are not so obvious about their interest, and may even be insecure about expressing their attraction.

These men display subtle signs to show that they like you or are attracted to you, these are the signs we will discuss here.

1.) He Makes Tentative Eye Contact

It might come as a surprise to many women but most men tend to be shy about making eye contact with the woman they feel strongly attracted to.

If you catch a man looking at you when you are not looking in his direction, and who swiftly turns his glance away the moment you look at him, it would indicate that he secretly finds you attractive (it may not be love, but he’s definitely attracted).

If you find a guy making sheepish eye contact with you, ever so often, it’s a sure shot sign of his attraction for you.

If a guy leers at you, or gives you blatant flirty looks, it shows he’s interested but in a “lusty” sorta way. It suggests that he finds you hot, and you trigger sexual attraction in him. So if this is not the kind of relationship you are looking for, then just give him a cold shoulder.

If a guy is not attracted to a girl, or when he does not have a love interest, he will not be shy of making eye contact and mostly it would be a casual or an uninterested one. Of course, it’s true that there are some uber confident males who make direct eye contact with the woman they want to get up close with, but with these men the signs are so in the face that you don’t need to read an article on whether he’s interested or not.

2.) He Gives You That Warm Smile

When in love, guys are less likely to display “flirty” behavior and more likely to behave in a “gentlemanly” manner.

warm smile

Most of them would display a warm smile to show their respect, adoration or admiration for you.

If you feel a warmth, and respect, in his smile, it’s an indication that he finds you pretty (rather than “hot”) and may have gushy feelings of love for you, rather than testosterone pumped lust. So a warm smile is a good thing, and it suggests the possibility of love interest.

You might even see a guy smiling nervously at you, with an uncertain half smile. This indicates that he’s is attracted to you but feels “insecure” about his chances with you. You can put him at ease by returning a warm smile, then the next time he sees you he will be more assured in his smile.

3.) He Gets Nervous In Your Company

When you talk to a guy, who is normally confident, and if you see him a little “flustered” in your company, or blushing, with a bobbing Adam’s apple, it can be a quick give away of his feelings for you.

feeling nervous

He feels nervous because he’s worried about the impression he’s making on you, and when a person is nervous his “adam’s apple” starts going up and down because of the strain of nervousness.

He might even seem a little fidgety, adjusting his hair, playing with his fingers etc.

Note that the nervous behaviour is only during the first few interactions and will reduce as his starts getting comfortable with you.

When a guy is not interested in a girl, however beautiful she is, he will not be nervous in her company – he will be at ease with her during the initial interactions.

4.) He Has A Helpful Attitude Towards You

If you find a man trying to be helpful to you, assisting you or giving you more importance, say for example, in the classroom or your workplace, it’s indicative of his interest in you.

Men are usually very conservative about offering help, especially in office, and they would do so only if they have an interest in being close to you. He may offer to assist you with your office work, try to help you repair or sort out stuff, get you coffee or water, offer you a ride home or just look out for you at the meetings.

5.) He Works On Appearing Well Groomed

When men are in love they try to take better care of their looks.

If you see an evident change in the dressing style, or hair style, of a man, after he gets to know you a bit, it could indicate that you are having an impact on him. Most men are not naturally good or positively inclined at dressing up; so if you see a man making a conscious effort to look good, it would directly mean that he’s trying to impress a girl – and it could be you.

6.) He Stands Tall In Your Presence

Guys have an unconscious way of displaying their masculinity by standing tall, with their stomach tucked in, when they are in the company of a woman they are attracted to.

It’s a man’s way of trying to impress a woman with his body, however miserable the attempt might come off. Most guys tend to slouch a lot, so it becomes evident when they suddenly stand erect.

7.) He Displays Exaggerated Behavior To Catch Your Attention

Some guys tend to behave in a very exaggerated manner around their friends and colleagues when their “love interest” is in the vicinity.

Just notice his behavior with other men, when you are around. Does he suddenly start cracking jokes, talking loud or making strong opinions? This is again an unconscious behavior on a man’s part and is aimed at impressing the fact that he is the leader of the pack.

Other Suggestive Signs that Show if a Man Likes You

8.) He Finds Out if You have a Boyfriend

If a man is really serious about you, then he will definitely try to find out if you already have an on-going relationship with another guy.

Some men might ask you this question directly whereas others will try to find this out by some other means like asking your friends or someone who is close to you. He might even ask you indirect questions about your plan for the weekend. All these are ways to find out if you already have a boyfriend.

Once a man is sure that you are single, he will make his next move or wait for you to make a move by giving you all the right signals.

9.) He Tries To Initiate A Date With You

Fear of getting rejected stops most men from making this final move; which is asking a girl for a date.

Most men will instead send indirect signals that they want to date you.

Some examples are: Asking to drop you home (if you are working in the same office or studying in the same school/college), getting you gifts, telling you about their weekend plans (suggesting they are alone).

He will try to see if you pick up the opportunity and open up an invitation for a date. Of course, some guys would be a lot more direct in their asking.

Taking the Relationship Forward

Once you start dating, you are likely to figure out the real chemistry between the two of you. The relationship may fizzle out or become a really stable one, depending on your compatibility. Guys become much more open about their emotions and feelings once they are feel comfortable in a girl’s company (they rarely talk about their emotions with their guy friends, unlike girls).

So these are some of the ways in which you can tell if a man likes you. With some deliberate observation you can pick up on the body language of a man who’s attracted to you, and then proceed to either give him a green signal or block him out with your coldness.

  • Elizabeth

    There is this guy that I like from my college. It seemed like he likes me too; he often sticks around me even though my classmates are gone, and often sends the “signals to me” and looks at me in a warm manner. That made me think that he is sort of attracted to me too.

    So one week ago, I wanted to know whether if it is really true that he likes me too. I told him though SMS that, I don’t know why, but I think I have some feelings for you, do you have feelings for me too? please reply and let me know, if you like me the same way, and please don’t, if you don’t like me”. After 30 minutes or so, I received an SMS which I didn’t dare to look at. I waited for another hour to see if there is another SMS from him to show that he wants to pursue me. But it didn’t happen. So I finally saw the SMS he sent; all he wrote was “I hope we are just friends”.

    Now it has been one week past, I was finally able to accept the fact that he doesn’t like me, but I am wondering, why guys are so complicated? All this while my intuition told me that he liked me, but it turns out to be the opposite. I am just so confused now.

  • Michaela

    I like this guy from school. Whenever I see him in corridors, I can’t help but glare at him, and he often caught me staring at him, so I ended up looking away. Then one day, while I was walking in the corridor, he saw me and looked away. I think he already knows that I like him already. From then on, I can see him looking at me too, and sometimes, when I look at him, he avoided me. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and not that sociable, but he’s smart and handsome. What shall I do to make him talk to me?

  • Nia

    There’s a guy in my college who is so close to me. I’m not sure if he just thinks of me as one of his closest friends or more than that. I always find him looking at me and I feel awkward thus, I always try not to look back at him. My friends said that they always find him laughing heartily with me which is rare when he is with others. Because of this, I find it hard to talk to him casually and this complicates everything. I’m afraid that this is just my feeling and I feel shy to ask him about this – if he likes me or not.

  • Musa

    There is a guy who loves teasing me, joking. He looks constantly at me, in a deep way, very deep way, and even when I look at him he continues, looks like hypnotized and then he looks in another direction. He is not the kind of boy who loves to talk on the phone but personally he looks interested in me, I guess and my friends say the same. The other day I was alone with him at his house and I was singing and he was playing guitar and suddenly he started approaching me and he stood right behind me, so close. And I could feel ‘THAT LOOK’; his beautiful eyes staring at me. And when I looked at him and smiled trying to feel more comfortable he didn’t move, just kept his eyes at me, so deeply, so strongly that I felt like in a movie. But I’m afraid I’m wrong. Can you help me? Does he seem interested?

  • Clef

    Too bad, he’s not showing any sign. Oh, I missed the “being helpful part”. Though, I don’t think it means something. He doesn’t even try to look better. I was insisting that he should have his hair cut, but still, he wouldn’t do it.

  • Tina

    One of my classmate often asks me if I have a boyfriend, even if he already knows that I don’t have any boyfriend, and he loves insulting and teasing me, but when I am with my other classmate (his is a guy) I often catch him looking at us. And yesterday he tried to catch me when my feet slipped, because of the slippery floor. I don’t know what is his feelings for me. can anyone answer me, because he is asking me, when I will answer him, and he is always trying to hold my hand. I don’t know what to do 🙁

    • Mary

      Tina, this is my response. What are your feelings for him? Don’t do anything just because you feel obligated to. If you like him, then wait for him to ask you out, don’t ask him out because it will make you look needy. If you don’t like him just explain how you feel and that you just want to be friends.

  • Jane

    There is a guy at my school who is popular and I know he is kind of perverted but he doesn’t act perverted around me. I am really the only girl who he is really close to, yet he has dated other girls so I don’t know he has looked at me when he’s with them and when I see him he looks away quickly. I think he might be trying to make me jealous but I don’t know. He asks me for help a lot during school and we talk a lot too. Does he like me?

    • Taylor

      I experienced like that too. I mean he’s not that popular but he’s lovely and some girls liked him. And he’s perverted too. But when it comes to me, he’s totally different. Well, he is my best friend and I’ll accept him just the way he is. I obviously know that he likes me. He’s wearing his heart on his sleeve. He always holds my hand and he always tries to hug me. But he didn’t tell it to me until I got a boyfriend. I thought he doesn’t like me cause he just talks about how beautiful this girl he ‘likes’ is. Then he will ask for my help about anything. I got annoyed. And when he knew that I got a bf, he started to get so rebellious and he court that girl that he doesn’t even like just to get over me and make me feel jealous. I admit that I liked him all this time but he didn’t tell it. So our situation is a little alike.

      (About that boy): Maybe he likes you a bit and he thinks that you’re his best friend and he always gets shy when you’re around. There is 60% chance that he wants you to get jealous. But try to ask him. I mean, you and him are close right? So, don’t sit around and wait. If you like him I know you want to know if he really likes you. But if you’re not interested I think you may leave the situation hanging. 😀

  • Dee

    There is this guy in my school who I think likes me and now I am sure after reading this article because he shows pretty much all these signs. He smiles at me whenever our eyes meet and one of my friends told me that he asked him about me. The only problem is that he is not a very social guy. I always find him sitting alone and I don’t think he has many friends. I really don’t know if I should wait for him to approach me or just initiate it myself. I don’t want to seem too desperate but I am crazy for him and cannot wait any longer. Any ideas?

    • Mary

      Dee, definitely start to talk to him and flirt with him too. He might get the hint and ask you out. I am sure he feels the same way about you as you feel about him. Don’t worry. If he takes too long then just ask him out. I mean, whats the worst that can happen?

  • Ashley

    There’s a guy in my church who is really cute. He invites me to youth classes and things like that. I just saw him over 3 times looking at me, I don’t know what to think. He does stand tall and when he sees me he starts laughing and talking to some girls and trying to play with his friends. But I am still looking for more signs 🙂

  • Arnika

    There is a guy my BFF. The things are complex because he was the one who made me feel special saying you are my soul sister and by adding that half of my soul is in you. He says, no one can ever take my place. He held me when I was about to fall, he brings chocolates for me on really small deals. He longs to talk to me. I am like his personal diary. But then we all know that he likes some other girl who does not reciprocate the feeling and I just don’t want to be a mere time pass or a friend just to hear how was his day and all that stuff. Please help!

  • Gloria

    OMG! I’m in the same as you! I’m in the same year as you as well. My crush is the exact same. We have made eye contact a lot recently, and my institution told me that he liked me, but I kind of doubt it so I am on these websites looking for signs to double check that haha. I have caught him in the corner of my eye a couple of times but I’m not sure if he was just looking at something or someone near me. He tries to be near me but idk if it’s just a coincidence. Like when I’m sitting down to eat lunch at a table he’s eating lunch at his and when I chucked my noodle cup in the bin, he was looking at me. After that I walk around my school yard and when I come back he’s gone. Another example recently is like when I was gone somewhere and came back late to the table I always sit on for lunch he wasn’t there but when I crossed passed a classroom that he was in, he came out like after 30 seconds with his friends. I’ve noticed one of his female friends looking at me but she usually ignores me, idk maybe I’m just paranoid?? So after he came out of the classroom he walks pass me and my friends with a guy friend of his, I don’t look at him and pretend to mind my own business because I’m sorta embarrassed. He didn’t take the path behind us he took the one in front where I could see him. A few minutes after he walks back, but he had no purpose to walk in the first place, he could have stayed at his locker area. So at his locker area he faces his back towards me, so I can’t see his face. I don’t know if maybe he’s embarrassed or so but it didn’t seem natural and something felt off to me having his back back. So after a while he stands up and i word out what he is trying to say to his friend . I am pretty sure he was telling his friend to play basketball with him but he rejected so he went off on his own. I feel like he was being a showoff just playing basketball out of nowhere. Maybe he was trying to impress me or for his own ego. Also another sign I’ve received is that he copied one of my gestures. Like on a Wednesday before class started after break, the sun was going into my eyes so i blocked it with 2 arms up and we made eye contact so he saw my gesture, I also used 1 arm but idk if he saw. The next day i caught him doing my 2 arm gesture for about 2 seconds then used one arm to cover the sun. I think he did it unconsciously but he was standing where i could see him. A minutes later i move to somewhere he couldn’t see me and when i went back to where i was, he was gone. Idk if it was mere coincidence that he was gone or the fact that he didn’t have to be there anymore to impress me because i was gone?? That was around a week ago though because i have 2 weeks holidays right now. Also another time when I was around walking home with my friend on a bridge we have to cross, he was being really loud and trying to showoff. He was singing the song ‘Humble’ out loud, and was showing off that he had a lot of friends. I’m currently trying to add his snapchat to start a convo but im afraid of him not adding me back. I’m probably just gonna yolo, click then chuck my phone away bahahahah. If you do read this, I’m sorry it’s so long aha. How are things going for you with the guy?? Do you think he likes me??

  • The Anime lover

    That explains why he does all these stuff even tho I know him. I mean the guy stares at me 24/7. Sometimes it gets creepy when he does that.

  • snoglydox

    Sofija, according to what you wrote…he likes you; what do you want from him, a marriage proposal to prove it? If what you wrote is true, he did not “pay any attention” because it’s really hard, and he may believe you aren’t interested; the hardest part is the approach, so once that part is over, the guy can feel more at ease, and that approach is still hard the second time. He approached you the first time, so if you are interested, how about approaching him the second time to show him you except his company; he could be thinking you were just being nice the first time and you don’t want anything to do with him.