6 Sweet Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

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If you are reading this article, you are to be congratulated for being so much in love with your boyfriend. The very fact that you feel like doing something sweet for your boyfriend is suggestive of the love you feel for him.

Of-course your love is the sweetest thing your boyfriend will ever experience from you; it surpasses anything external that you can do for him.

When you love someone it’s important to allow yourself to express it as well. Some girls restrain their show of love for the fear that the guy would start taking her for granted. But that’s like living from a very protective place. If you really trust his love why should you fear expressing yourself fully and if you don’t trust his love then ask yourself why you feel that way?

List Of Sweet Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

Any action that swells from the innocence of a love filled heart is bound to carry the flavour of sweetness. But in case you are looking for some tips on things to do for your boyfriend, here’s a list.

1.) Be all ears to what he says

You not only want to be his girlfriend but also his best friend. One of the qualities of being a close friend is to be a good listener. It’s not easy to be willing to listen without wanting to judge or comment; but if you really love him allow him this talking space.

Let him talk his heart out and then encourage him to talk more, he is sure to appreciate the sweetness in your wanting to listen him out.

2.) Dress to his taste

Remember that this is not a directive but something that you want to do because you love him. Your boyfriend may find some of your dressing style uncomfortable or too revealing, especially in public places. If you sense his discomfort you can avoid dressing that way in his company. He’s bound to find it sweet of you to do this for him.

But take note that you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel resentful or else it will only end up making you feel lousy or exploited.

3.) Cook him something special

They say, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, and this is absolutely true.

Cooking for someone reflects a deep sense of love and care. Make a list of foods your boyfriend savors the most, look up the recipe over the internet and cook him that special dish. He’s sure to find it really sweet of you, especially during the initial days of the relationship. Guys love that “home maker” instinct in their girlfriend.

If you have no idea what to cook, ask his friend, brother or mother, what he likes best. Or stick with the basics – bake a cake for him and write ‘I love you’ on top of it or bake him some heart shaped cookies.

Even if you are not a great cook, he will definitely love you for putting in the effort for him.

4.) Give him a special night

If the both of you are on physical terms then there is no better way to be really sweet to your boyfriend than to give him the pleasure of your intimacy. The giving part is usually the most loving part about sex, and as a girl you can really give him a pleasurable high with the things you can do with his body.

5.) Baby talk him

Many guys love to be baby talked to. You can call him by some cute names like teddy, cutie, sugarpie, plumcake or puppy and sweet talk him. No matter how much we grow up we all have a child inside us that loves to be acknowledged. Cuddling and baby talking are some cute things to do for your boyfriend.

6.) Gift him for no reason

Nothing shows love more than the act of giving. If you know that your boyfriend is looking to buy something for himself, you can buy it and gift it to him. You can gift him a shirt, a cap or a t-shirt out of the blue for no reason at all but to show him how much you love him. Or even better, make him something – a sweater, a bracelet or a photo frame with collage of your pictures as a couple.

A genuine love within usually manifests as a gesture of giving and that’s the sweetest part about any relationship.

You can do a lot of sweet and cute things for your boyfriend just by holding on to the deep appreciation you have for the relationship. True love is always finding ways to show itself so opportunities will makes themselves available to you all the time.