How to Show My Boyfriend I Love Him and Care for Him?

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The good news is that you have it easy because it does not take much to make a guy feel good!

Guys have always been the “pleasers”. From the start, it has always been the man who has taken upon himself to woo the woman he likes. The woman usually gets to choose and give her acceptance or reject him.

It’s usually the guy who proposes love and the girl gets to reject or accept him depending on how much attraction she feels for him. The guy would usually be on top of the moon when a girl accepts his love.

So in a nutshell, guys are usually the “pleasers” and the girls are the “choosers”, at least during the initial part of the relationship. It’s a different story once the relationship matures and stabilizes; guys do tend to take it easy then.

How does this information help you with determining how to show your boyfriend that you love him? It’s a very useful tip because now you know that you don’t have to do much to make him feel loved, guys are simply too easy to please.

Ways to Show My Boyfriend I Love Him

So here are few tips on how you can show your your boyfriend that you love him:

1.) Be Submissive to His Choices Once in a While

Most guys like to believe that they dominate their relationship, but the truth in most cases is that it’s the girl who indirectly does the deciding and choosing.

Ask any girl and she will be confident about the fact that she can get her boyfriend or husband to accede to her wishes. This joke encompasses the truth quite succinctly – guys have a weakness for the weaker sex, so who’s really weak?

So if you want to show your love to your boyfriend, allow him to make a few choices every now and then. Be submissive to his wants once in a while and he will feel special.

Many guys complain about their girlfriend being too “difficult”, what they mean is that she is not submissive to their needs or desires. You don’t want your boyfriend to feel this way if you really love him.

Avoid making your boyfriend feel submissive, that will really dig into his “male” ego.

2.) Surprise Him With a Gift

Guys like to be surprised just as much as girls do. You don’t have to wait for an occasion to get him a gift; it’s more special when done out of the blue.

Get or make him something that you know he wants. He will feel really special when you get him something as a total surprise. After all “giving” is the most obvious outflow of love.

3.) Pleasure Him the Way He Likes It

Physical intimacy provides a beautiful channel for you to express your love.

Guys do appreciate being pleasured sexually and as a girl you have all the required skills to make him feel a complete high. The act of giving pleasure to your partner can be as satisfying as being pleasured when it comes from a place of love. So when you pleasure him be sure to do it with a sense of deep love.

The problem with most relationships is that sex becomes too mechanical; this is mostly because the partners start taking each other for granted. When true love transmutes to sex there is a totally different feel to it.

4.) Be His Home Maker

Guys have always had a liking for a girl who is a “home maker”.

Girls are naturally good home makers because of their inherent ability to organize and arrange. You just need to look at a bachelor’s “accommodation” and a married man’s “house” to know the difference a girl can make.

You can show your love for him by organizing his room, if he stays alone. You can get him some wall decorations, arrange his wardrobe or set his kitchen in order.

Be sure to cook him a nice meal while you are at it. Guys love their girlfriend cooking for them.

5.) Be Willing to Understand When He Acts Difficult

If your boyfriend gets moody at times or gets into an argument, just be sweet and understanding of him. There is no better way to show your love for him than to be understanding of his behavior.

This does not mean that you be a doormat to whatever nonsense he dishes out, it just means that you are willing to be patient and loving when you know he’s just being foolish.

He is bound to appreciate your understanding nature and he will feel grateful to have such a girlfriend.

In conclusion, all that a girl needs to do to make her boyfriend feel loved is to be her “sweet” self. Be willing to simply make him feel good by being affectionate towards him.

There are so many guys complaining about how their girlfriend is not loving or caring towards them, one starts wondering why. Most guys just need a pinch of genuine affection and that’s not much to ask for.

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    I just wanted to say thank you. A lot of what I was thinking you addressed and your right. I guess at the end of the day it just kind of sucks because I want to be all those things for my man. I want to fulfill his fantasies, and I know I can’t always do such but I would like to still feel that I could. But I do appreciate this you’ve given me a lot to consider.