Five Reasons Why Men Cheat

Trust and devotion are the hallmarks of true love. Trust brings an innocent acceptance and devotion brings a stability that can only exist in the presence of a pure heart. The purity of this love is what all of us seem to crave for but few of us find.

Men cheat in their relationship when there is a lack of devotion towards their partner. Devotion is not a "weakness" as thoughts would suggest, there is a depth and purity to it that cannot be understood by the thinking mind. True love and devotion go hand in hand. A man who is devoted to his wife or girlfriend would refrain from cheating on her.

There are several reasons why a man falls out of devotion towards his woman and hence chooses to cheat on her. Listed below are four common reasons why men cheat.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

Lack of action in bed indoors can drive some men to look outside their relationship. Some cheat because they want to try new things in bed that their partner is not willing to try.

Resentment towards their partner

Maintaining a relationship takes devotion. After marriage, or once a relationship becomes stable, there is a tendency for the partners to take things for granted. This is when “distance” starts setting in. A man starts to feel that his wife or girlfriend is not respecting him or being as loving as she was before. This hurts his male ego quite terribly.

Having an extra-marital affair turns into a channel through which the frustration of an unhappy marriage is released. A man internally starts deriving a sadistic pleasure out of cheating on his wife who he thinks is being cold towards him. A hurt male ego can easily take solace in sex outside the relationship.

Gets Their Adrenaline Racing

The excitement that accompanies an extra marital affair can get the male brain to secrete immense pleasure hormones that they get addicted to.

Power and success gets into a man’s head

Most men who become famous, rich or powerful change completely from what they were before they attained success. The lethal drug called "euphoria" of success can get into the heads of the best of men. They start feeling invincible and they start demanding more in an effort to satiate their “greed” which has started taking control of their life. More money, more fame, more success and definitely more sex.

There are men who stay grounded in spite of their success, but this requires a lot of character and integrity which is often sadly lacking. It’s easier to give in to the “greed” inducing mind that can’t get enough of the pleasures that success brings, not realizing that the more they get the more they need – so effectively they are not happier than before.

To Feel Young Again

Some older men have affairs with women half their age just to reassure themselves that they still have it in them. So in a nutshell, the four reasons why men cheat are – lack of intimacy, need to feel young, resentment and power. In some cases it will be a mix of two or all of these factors.