Why Are Some Men Attracted To Their Female Bosses?

Author: Admin

People in power look attractive to both sexes. Probably because of their personality, intelligence and confidence levels. Let us look at a few other reasons why some men find their female bosses attractive:

Childhood experiences

Young boys coached by woman teachers look up to them for inspiration. Some even fall in love with their teachers but are completely unable to express that love or lust considering their young age. This feeling carries into their adulthood and reflects in the way they look at women in power.

Career motive

Another reason why men get attracted to women in power is to consciously or subconsciously achieve their career motives. Instinctively a man’s psyche would tell him that if the boss likes him, he is going to get promoted or have an edge over his colleagues.

Feeling of power

The idea of dating a woman in power can be a major ego boost for the man. And who doesn’t want to feel powerful? The feeling of power is a great aphrodisiac.

Attraction towards maturity

Some men find mature women attractive. They look at mature women as someone who can understand and support them better.

These are some of the reasons why some men find women in power attractive.