Why Some Men Don’t Like to Kiss?

Author: Admin

Have you ever been with a man who does not like to kiss?

The chances are remote, but there are some men out there who really hate the lip on lip experience.

One of the main reason why some men don’t like to kiss is this: Bad kissing experiences in the past.

Let’s look into this in further detail:

Men who have had constant bad kissing experiences during childhood

Bad kissing experiences especially very early on could leave a man thinking that kissing sucks. It can also make a man less confident of his kissing abilities. This feeling becomes stronger as he losses girlfriends solely because of bad kissing.

Because of these bad kissing experiences some men start thinking that kissing is gross and unhealthy.

Some men start fearing that kissing can lead to infections.

Others start loosing confidence in themselves thinking that they are bad kissers and that their bad kissing abilities can lead to potential break-ups with the girl they love.

How to make your man kiss you again?

It’s hard to have a relationship with a man who does not like to kiss. This is because kissing is such a beautiful part of love making.

There are so many sensory nerves on the lips which makes kissing the most sought after experiences.

So how do you deal with a man who does not want to kiss? Is it possible to make him do so? Yes, it is possible.

Consider the following tips:

1.) Try wearing lipstick and gloss

The right lipstick and lip-gloss can work wonders for your lips by making them look more attractive to your man. Try a different shade of the color if red (or any other color) makes him uncomfortable.

2.) Start slow with a dry kiss

Go step by step in the kissing process; initially just the touch of the lips and then slowly towards the more intimate of kisses. In other words, start with a dry kiss and slowly as time passes move to deeper and wet kisses.

3.) Keep your lips moisturized

Take good care of your lips and keep them moistened so there are no cracks or dead skin.

4.) Maintain proper oral hygiene

Maintain oral hygiene. Keep your teeth as white as possible. Use a teeth whitener or get a treatment if required. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner to ensure it is clean.

If possible flush your mouth with water or a cleaner before going for the kiss. Ask your boyfriend to do the same.

5.) Get your teeth aligned

If your front teeth are protruding or you have misaligned teeth, go for dental correction. Consider braces if you have protruding front teeth. There are some invisible braces which you can try out.

6.) Use a lip plumper

Go for a lip plumper. No man can resist the temptation of kissing full and plump lips.

7.) Avoid eating foods that generate bad breath

Avoid eating food items like onions, fish etc. before kissing. Also avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

8.) Praise his kissing skills

Keep telling your man that he is a great kisser and try to bring back his lost confidence.

So try these techniques and your man is sure to start loving to kiss all over again.