How To Know If A Man Is Using You? 5 Signs That He Is!

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They say women have a knack for intuition, but when it comes to their love interest they do get blinded.

It is quite common for some women to get into abusive relationships mostly because they are low on self esteem or in need of approval, they fail to see that their boyfriend or partner does not really care for them.

As a girl, even when you know intuitively that a man is using you for his pleasure, and is clearly not in love with you nor interested in a commitment, you still want to live a lie.

When a guy is using you, it means the relationship is abusive and not conducive. However much you want the guy to be different, he is not going to change, so it’s in your best interest to move out of the relationship.

But how do you know when a man is using you? That’s what this article is about.

Signs a Guy is Using You

Just because you are in love with a man does not necessarily mean that he is also in love with you.

A relationship of one-sided love is always abusive towards the person who is in love. There’s lot of truth to this statement – “The one who cares less in a relationship, dominates it”.

One Sided Love Quote

But this is not about whether the guy loves you less or more, it’s about, does he care at all? or is he just using you? So if you are wondering how to know that for sure, here are the signs to look out for:

1.) He Never Bonds With You Emotionally

The depth in any relationship develops through the emotional attraction the couple feels.

A relationship devoid of any emotional bonding is empty to the core and is likely to be an abusive one. If your man is hardly bothered about bonding with you emotionally, it means he does not care for you.

Do you share your problems, worries, concerns and moments of joy? Do you feel that he’s there to stand by you when you are feeling low or alone? These are some hard questions that will point the emotional depth in the relationship.

2.) He Pressurizes You to Get His Wants Met

If he’s only interested in getting his wants and needs met in the relationship then you know the guy is using you for his pleasure.

Many men would pressurize their partner to meet their needs for sex and that’s all they are interested in. If you feel that he’s applying pressure on you either through emotional manipulation or through physical threats, he is clearly being abusive.

Guys who have been in several relationships get the hang of how to manipulate girls into giving into their demands.

3.) He is Only Concerned About Physical Pleasure

Physical intimacy is an integral part of an relationship between a man and woman but how does he approach intimacy?

Is he concerned about your needs and pleasures while having sex or is he just being plain selfish during the whole act?

Women give into pleasuring their man to avoid any friction in the relationship and several guys use this emotional handle to manipulate them.

If you intuitively feel that he is manipulating you for sex then it should be clear that he has no emotional investment in the relationship. This is when you know a man is using you.

4.) He is Leeching on Your Money

Some guys enter into a relationship purely for their monetary benefit and they try to milk the most out of it.

Many women are so blinded in their love that they fail to see that he is leeching on her money and other assets.

If he uses your credit cards, keeps asking you to lend him money, makes you take a loan for him or gets you into financial trouble, then you know he is using you purely for monetary interest.

A financially abusive relationship is most common these days with women becoming easy targets to playboys and manipulative men.

5.) Your Friends Warn you About Him

Just because you are blinded in your attraction to him does not mean your friends can’t see him for who he is.

If any of your friends or relatives advises you to keep away from him then you should be on the alert. It’s of course true that your friends or family members can’t judge him as well as you can, but if they sense something awry then you should at least keep an open mind and see if it’s true.

It’s not difficult to know when a man is using you but most women do get unsighted because of their love. Get in touch with your intuition because that’s your best guide.

If you feel deeply that something’s not right about the relationship then some hard decisions need to be taken even if it means going through some temporary pain of separation.