A Few Things That Can Turn Off Your Man

by: Admin

Women are called the “fairer” sex for a reason, they are inherently capable of being more dainty and pleasing that the “grosser” sex, the men. As the saying goes, girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, which is why they are perfectly complementary to men.

Men get turned on at the drop of a hat, and most women know that it does not take much for them have a man jumping the hoops. But as humans, men are just as prone to being repulsed by certain tendencies in women which induce a complete turn off. So what are the things that can turn off your man?

The Silent Treatment

Most women have a tendency to use “silent” treatment when they are hurt or angry about a certain behavior in their man. They put on a cold front and refuse to reply in a normal manner. The usual reply to all the queries that a guy puts through would be a pert “nothing”. It is but obvious that this can be highly irritating . A man would be much happier if his woman is willing to talk out the issues instead of starting a cold war.

Being Overly Possessive

Men are usually the “chasers” and they like to stay that way. If a guy finds out a girl is “chasing” him he is bound to lose his interest in her. To keep the guy interested the girl must remain to be a challenge. If she gets overly possessive about him it would just turn him off.

A Nagging Attitude

There is something about men that gets women to nag them especially as the relationship ages. Most men complain about the hard time they have contending with the continuous complaints and scorns that their wife dishes out in the name of self improvement. Women on the other hand have no clue what the fuss is all about, after all they are only trying to “improve” their man.

Female Chauvinism

A man and a woman are made in the image of god as the Bible puts it. And it’s quite obvious that a man needs a woman to complete him and vice versa. In spite of this there are certain people, in each sex, that end up becoming chauvinistic. A feministic attitude, or a bossy nature, in a woman is what men find extremely irritating, and it’s a big turn off. Many feminists would like men to conform to certain unnatural standards that are completely contrary to a manly nature, a woman who depicts such an attitude would soon find her man running away from her.

So these are some things that turn off most men. Women can come up with an infinite list of things about men that turns them off, because men quite easily but the fact remains that men and women complement each other and its beauty is most evident in an intimate, and healthy, relationship.

So what turns you off about the opposite sex? Please let us know in the comments below.