10 Signs That a Man is Not Interested in You

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Life can be harsh at times and it does feel really painful when we feel let down or “ignored” by someone we have feelings for. Of course it’s far better to open up and fail than stay closed out of fear of rejection.

So don’t be afraid to risk falling in love, just try to ensure it’s the right person who gets your attention.

Men are far less complicated than women as far as expressing their emotions or feelings are concerned. If they fall in love with you it becomes evident and it becomes just as evident when they “fall out” of love.

If a guy is interested in you he will display some obvious signs and you are just as likely to get “blaring” signals when you leave him cold.

Signs He Is Not Interested

Here are few signs that indicate a man is not interested in you as a likely love partner:

1.) He does not notice your presence

Guys have a radar that scans the possible love interests in his vicinity the same way girls have.

So if he is interested in a girl he will become a little self-conscious in her presence. He is likely to initiate small talk or just smile to let her know he is interested in bonding with her.

If a guy is not interested in you he won’t be affected by your presence in any manner.

You will not notice a change in his behavior when you enter into his field of vision. This has got nothing to do with you, for all you know he might be devoted to his girlfriend. Moreover, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

2.) He smiles but without the “flirty” element

All guys have a “flirty” smile and the “normal” smile.

If you just look at a guy closely you can easily know when he has a flirty smile on, there will be a lopsided grin and a little mischief in the eyes. Flirty smile just happens unconsciously with most guys.

If he gives you a “normal” smile you know that he is not interested in you.

The normal smile will have no element of mischief or “playboyishness” to it. The smile will just look formal and polite instead of being playful.

3.) He talks to you about politics and “global warming”

This might look a bit like generalizing, but most guys wouldn’t talk politics with the girl they are interested in, at least not during the flirting days.

If he is not interested in getting intimate with you he is likely to discuss dry topics in your presence out of the need to make small talk.

4.) He gazes through you rather than “at” you

If you see a guy staring right through you instead of making eye contact you can be quite sure he has zero love interest in you.

Men who are interested would die for an opportunity to make direct eye contact.

5.) He doesn’t mind you paying the bill

This might come across as a bit “offensive” but then guys can be a little mean at times.

If they have a love interest in a girl they will jump at the opportunity to pay her bills or insist on taking the tab at a restaurant or movie. But if they are not interested in the girl they wouldn’t mind her paying.

6.) He does not hold the door for you

Some guys are polite enough to hold the door for any girl but most guys would only do it for the girl they are interested in.

This behavior again is very unconscious and they don’t really intend to be mean.

7.) He talks to you the way he talks to his buddies

If a guy talks to you like he talks to his other “guy” friends it would indicate that he does not place you in his list of “girls” to flirt with.

In other words, if he is a little too comfortable in your company it would mean that he does not feel the shivers of attraction when in your presence.

8.) He gapes at other girls in your presence

Guys are prudent enough to be a little conspicuous about checking out other girls when in the company of a girl they are interested in.

If he is not attracted to you, he will quite openly ogle at other girls even while you talk to him.

9.) He never compliments you

If you don’t get the “I love your eyes”, “you got a pretty smile”, “you got a cute voice” then you can be quite sure that he does not dig you. Unless of course he is a very reserved kinda guy.

Most guys start off their flirty talk by paying some kind of compliment to the girl even if they don’t really mean it.

10.) He does not acknowledge your advances

Let’s say you are attracted to this guy and you throw hints about wanting to date him, you give him your number, even let him know that you have a love interest in him by “flirt” talking and all he does is give you a blank gaze, and a yawn, then you know he’s not interested.

It really becomes evident if he does not call even when you throw him a “call me when you’re free” line.

In conclusion..

The bottom line is that if a guy is not interested in you will sense his neutrality. Don’t even bother thinking that he might be putting on an act to appear “challenging”.

Most guys are just open books – what you see is what you get.

  • Ramon Amoedo

    Paying the bill has nothing to do with being interested or not. Why do women insist on forcing men to spend money as a way to show “love”. Why are women so interested in money? You know, there is a person there, how about trying to be interested in what this person represents or makes you feel instead of what utility he has to you? No wonder men start to get emotionally closed as the relationship goes on, it is pointless