Is Your Boyfriend a Mama’s Boy? Here are the Symptoms

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There are reasons why a guy gets attached to his mom and seeks her approval and company even after becoming a full blown adult. But the reasons are not really important. What’s the point of analyzing why he’s such a mama’s boy when you are half stewed with anger on his behavior?

Guys who are “mama’s boys” are not attractive boyfriend or husband material because you will need to share his attention and love with his mom. You are bound to feel frustrated at some point and worst thing is that he’s not going to change as long as his mom’s around.

How Do You Know If Your Guy is a Mama’s Boy?

Just watch out for the below behavior patterns, if he exhibits a couple of them you can be sure that he’s a complete mama’s boy.

He Keeps Talking to You About His Mother

If you detect that his mom seems to be a vital subject in most of his conversations, you can be sure that he is mentally wired to her presence. Such guys are numbed in motherly attachment and have no hope of ever overcoming it. It can be extremely annoying for any girl to listen a lecture on the qualities his mother possesses, that she should inculcate.

He Keeps Calling Her Daily

Once or twice a week is normal, but if he calls his mom everyday for no particular reason except to tell her about the happenings in his life, you can be sure that you are going to play second fiddle in the relationship. It’s not normal for adult men to be so attached to their mom’s presence especially when they have a relationship going.

His Mom Accompanies You On Dates Or Vacations

This can be extremely frustrating even for the most understanding of girls. A mama’s boy might call his mom over for a vacation, that you thought was only for the two of you, just so he does not hurt her. He might even have this annoying habit of bringing his mother over to your dates together giving excuses like – “she was feeling lonely at home”. You are bound to feel confused whether to like him for caring for his lonely mother or to hate him for spoiling an intimate date.

He Completely Forgets You When His Mom Is Around

If you have ever been in a relationship with a “mama’s boy” you would have faced this situation where you felt like an invisible nobody as soon as his mom appeared in his vicinity. He goes all gaga over her and starts acting like some adult infant, pouting and baby talking with his mom. You are left feeling like a stranger.

He Seeks His Mother’s Stamp of Approval On Your Relationship

It’s okay for guys to want their mom to get along well with their girlfriend or fiancé. But if he’s the kinda guy who wants his mom to give her stamp of approval before he gets committed to you, then you are better off staying away from him. A mama’s boy would take a decision only after his mom has conferred her precious approval.

He Shops For His Mom When He’s With You

Once in a while is okay, but if every time he comes across a piece of jewellery or dress material he exclaims – “won’t this look really good on mom”, then you should run scared and fast. He’s a complete mama’s boy who just can’t get her out of his mind.

So if your boyfriend, or worse, husband has a mama’s boy syndrome your relationship is not going to be very smooth. As a girl you can only hope that he grows up, if he doesn’t the worst case scenario would be for you to call it the quits.

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    My boyfriend wins a completely paid for trip to Las Vegas. He made plans to go with me, but he feels bad that his mom never gets to travel. The boyfriend now wants to take mother instead of girlfriend. Should I be upset about this?