How to Make My Ex-Boyfriend Want Me Back?

Relationships can easily be a huge source of pain and stress when they go awry. What starts off beautifully as love, and bonding, sometimes turns into bitterness and separation thanks largely to our ďegosĒ.

Many couples start realizing how much they miss each other only after separation. Itís not uncommon for one or both the partners to want to get back again when they know how special the relationship was for them.

So there was break up between you and your boyfriend, now you want him to get back to you. The patching up part would depend largely upon what your ex boyfriend is going through. If he is also missing you then itís quite easy for the two of you to get back together, but on the other hand if he has completely moved on then he might not want to start all over again.

If ďyouĒ broke up with your boyfriend, there is a very good possibility of you making him get back. On the other hand, if your boyfriend was the one to initiate a ďconsciousĒ break off there is a smaller possibility of a patch up unless ďheĒ wants to get back.

But there is no harm in trying, especially when you know that you really miss him and want to get back with him.

Getting Back With Your Ex

Here are a few tips on how to make your ex boyfriend want to get back to you.

If you want him back, stay single

If he thinks that you have moved on, it wonít be long before he tries to erase his feelings by getting into a new relationship. There is nothing that hurts a guy more than to see his ex girlfriend move on to a new relationship immediately after a break up. He will feel completely cheated, and betrayed, by you, and also lose his trust in relationships in the future.

After a break up if you realize that you still love him, be sure to stay single. Your ex boyfriend may be keeping a tab on you, so if he finds you moving around with some other guy he will immediately conclude that you have started a new relationship. If your ex boyfriend has no way of knowing whatís happening in your life, be sure to find some means to let him know you are single.

Communicate that you still love him

There is no hope of patch up unless misunderstandings are cleared up. The reason why he broke off with you is because at some point he realized that you donít love him the way you used to, or may be the other way round. Either way, itís important that you convey to him that you are still in love. You can email him, send him an sms or even call him. Donít let your ego get in the way or you will regret it later when you ex boyfriend really moves on with some other girl.

Just this one expression on your part can set everything right in your relationship.

Get into his presence

Itís easier to instigate emotions and attraction when you are in his presence than through distance. If you in different cities, or areas, try to visit him once. You donít have to arrange for a date with him but just get into his vicinity and see how he reacts. Make eye contact with him, speak with your eyes and let him see how much you miss him. There need not been any words exchanged, but just the sheer meeting up can act as a catalyst to trigger all the old emotions.

If you are in the same office or locality, find some excuse to be in his presence. You can end up at a restaurant, or cafť, that you know he frequents, either with your friends or alone. If you are in the same office, find some pretext to be in the parking lot, or the lift, at the same time. Itís easier to move on when you donít see each other, donít let that happen.

Use your mutual friends

Hereís where your friends can act as the messengers of love. You can ask one of your trusted mutual friends to communicate to your ex boyfriend about how much you are suffering in his absence. If you are unwell, or ill, because of the stress, your mutual friends will be able to convey your state to your ex boyfriend. If he still cares for you he is bound to want to talk to you, or be with you, to stop you from suffering further.

Donít delay it for long

Break ups can be extremely painful and the initial days are the ones that make you go through hell because of the emotional attachments that hold you to your ex partner. Once your boyfriend gets over the initial pain it will be easier for him to move on. He may in fact decide to relocate or change something drastically in his life. So be sure to initiate the ďpatch upĒ process as quickly as you can.

There are many couples who have broken up for many months and continued to love each other without expressing it, because they did not want to come across as being weak. But the innocence of exposing your love, even though itís vulnerable, is the only way you are ever going to get back your ex. You need to take a decision on what is more important to you, your relationship or your ďstandĒ.

In conclusion, itís not about how to make your boyfriend want you back, it all about how to express how much you miss him and your love for him. If itís sincere he is bound to respond. Deep relationships cannot be done away with so easily.