How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Avoiding Me

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When a relationship enters a lean patch, one of the partners starts living in denial while the other lives in “avoidance”. Sometimes both the partners simply continue existing in denial even when they know deep down that the relationship is over. So if your boyfriend is avoiding you, and you fail to catch onto the signals, it basically means that you are living in denial and need to wake up to the reality.

Guys usually evade confrontation and prefer to “avoid” rather than face an issue upfront, especially in relationships. So if your boyfriend is not interested in the relationship anymore, he will rather just avoid you instead of talking to you about a break off. He will hope that you catch on to the indirect “message” that he’s trying to convey.

So how do you know if your boyfriend is avoiding you, or in others words how to find out if your boyfriend has fallen “out” of the relationship. Here are few signs to watch out for.

He starts flirting with other girls openly

When a guy is done with his girlfriend, he usually conveys his disinterest by flirting with other girls openly. When a guy is in a committed relationship the last thing he wants is to get caught, flirting with other girls, by his girlfriend, but when a guy wants to break off he looks for opportunities to make it evident that he no longer cares if she finds him flirting with other girls, in some cases even her friends. When this happens, you know that your boyfriend is not only avoiding you but is actually pushing you away.

He goes partying without you

Guys do like to hang out with their “male” buddies for night outs and parties, but that’s more common when they are single than when in a relationship. When they are with a girl, they usually take her along for the party or keep the “single” parties to a minimum. If your boyfriend goes alone for a party once in a while, it’s fine, but if he starts doing that more often it means that he does not like your company anymore. It’s also common for a guy to start partying alone more, when he is trying to break off a relationship.

He stops paying attention to what you say

When you are interested in someone, you give them your attention unconditionally. This is because you are curious, and in love, with everything they have to say. Guys are usually not great listeners, but when they are in love with a girl they do pay attention to what she’s saying. If your boyfriend has lost out on his love for you, he will start ignoring your conversations and you will find him unresponsive to most of your questions.

He is no longer possessive about you

Guys tend to be a lot more possessive in a relationship, than girls. This is because he cannot stand the notion of some other guy stalking on his girlfriend. But when he falls out of love with a girl, he could care less if she is approached by other guys or if she goes out with her “male” friends. If you find that your boyfriend no longer displays even an iota of jealously when you talk to some “good looking” guy, it’s indicative that he’s lost interest in you.

He does not bother “taking” your calls

If you find your boyfriend disconnecting your calls, and not calling you back, it’s an indication that he is avoiding you big time. He may tell you that he’s been busy, and that he’s was too held up to even give you a short call, but in most the cases the simple truth is that he’s stopped caring for you. If he can’t bother to reply to your calls it basically means you are no longer a priority in his life.

In conclusion, the simple measure to determine if your boyfriend is avoiding you, is to judge how “genuine” is his attention towards you. If you sense that he is no longer attentive regarding your wants, interests, opinions or preferences, then it’s sure fire indication that he’s trying to move away from the relationship.

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