5 Awesome Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend!

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Life is interesting mostly for the little surprises that visit us every now and then.

In most relationships, during the wooing phase, it’s mostly the guys who work on bringing surprise gifts, and moments, for the girl, but as the relationship becomes more stable she automatically starts feeling the need to make her boyfriend happy with her surprises.

Remember that surprises work better when done out of the blue rather than on some “special occasions” like his birthday or such. You can choose to surprise him on any ordinary day, just to make him feel loved and cared for.

Some Fun and Unique Ideas

Here’s a list of few ideas and ways to surprise your boyfriend.

1.) Feed His Sport Appetite

Most guys enjoy playing or watching a particular sport be it football, baseball, basketball or surfing.

It’s also quite usual for a guy to dig playing video games, 1 in every five guys is a game buff.

If you want to make him “happy as a kid” just get him a sports gear of his choice or the latest game CD.

Be sure to get an idea of what kinda sport your boyfriend is into and what type of gear he might be interested in. It could be a sport shoes, jacket or other sports apparel or it could be a sport gear like a baseball bat, a basketball, a football, a hockey stick, skate board or even a helmet. Guys dig their sport, and nothing makes them feel more joyful than to be surprised by a “sporty” gift.

Similarly, if you decide to buy him a Video Game CD, make sure that you know what platform he plays in (XBox, Playstation or the PC) and the type of games he likes to play. When in doubt, check with his friends.

2.) Food Is All It Takes

There are no exceptions here, guys dig their food and it’s very true that most of them fall in love with a girl who can cook like a wiz.

If you are a bad cook, you should think about honing up your skills because, whether a guy is vocal about it or not, you are certainly going to lose brownie points with him if your cooking doesn’t appeal to his taste buds.

Guys are very primordial in the things they like in a girl – and one such thing is her cooking ability.

The surest way to impress your boyfriend, and to surprise him, is to whip up a culinary delight and allow him to stuff himself with it. Most guys love their traditional food, as compared to exotic cuisines. So stick to the “traditional” foods when you decide to surprise him with your cooking.

You can either get him over to your home or you can cook at his place (the former is a better option, as it allows you more room for surprises).

Always remember that guys like to surprise girls by taking them out for dinners, but they prefer to be surprised by the girl with a “home” spread.

3.) The Way To His Heart May Be Just Below His Stomach

Most guys are highly sexual by nature, it comes with their body actually. The male hormones trigger sexual impulses through their body, which is the reason why guys are always eager for sex – any time is a good time.

Guys do enjoy pleasuring their girl as much as they enjoy getting pleasured themselves. Unfortunately many girls are quite inept at being creative while pleasuring their man.

There are so many ways you can surprise him in the bed. Guys are highly visual creatures and they get stimulated more by what they see than the “physical” touching itself.

If you are really playful you can surprise your boyfriend with many creative ideas with respect to sex – a sexy tease, a lap dance, a sensual massage, a wild lingerie, the list can go on. Creativity can take a whole new meaning when it comes to pleasuring your mate.

4.) Make Him Something

Handmade gifts, no matter how simple they are, beat store brought gifts. Here is a list of a few ideas to get you started:

1.) 52 reasons I love you book
2.) Heart shaped tea bags
3.) A cute knitted scarf
4.) Homemade heart shaped cough drops
5.) I love you pop-up card
6.) Heart shaped oreos/cookies
7.) Photo collage/Picture Frame

5.) Give Him a Relaxing Massage

Massages increase intimacy between couples. So if you have never given your boyfriend a massage, this can be an awesome way to surprise him.

Create a romantic setting at your place, dim the lights, play light music, burn incense and scented candles. Have a set of massage oils (preferably essential oils like lavender) ready. Ask your boyfriend to relax on the bed as you get to massage his body using the oils.

Here is a simple massage tutorial that you can refer to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or5ni8n9jV8

There are many ways that guys can surprise their girlfriend, but a girl does not have as many options when it comes to surprising her boyfriend. Let’s face it, men are mostly interested in three things – food, sex and sports, and this is the domain you need to focus on to bring on the surprises.