Why Does My Husband Look at Other Women and Denies It?

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In any relationship there is bound to be a sense of possessiveness. It is natural for jealousy to arise as result of this tendency to want to possess, or take complete ownership, of the person we are in relationship with. Many women complain that their husband or boyfriend has this annoying habit of staring at, or checking out, other women even when he is in their company. This can be annoying and can lead to a sense of feeling inferior or you might also start doubting the loyalty of your husband.

Ignorance is not always bliss. Knowledge of male behavior can help you understand them better which in turn will allow you some peace of mind. So let us find out why your husband looks at other women and then later denies it.

Why Does My Husband Stare At Other Women?

These are the reasons why your husband looks at other women and denies it when you interrogate him.

It’s Human Nature

It is part of human nature to look at something or someone we find attractive. And that holds true for women as well. This in no way means that your husband does not find you attractive. After all, he fell in love with you and married you, didn’t he?

Another point to note is that the male brain is wired to be visual because men have been hunters since the beginning of time. The primitive man was expected to hunt for a living and his primary weapon was his vision or eye sight. The brain of a man is stimulated by images much more than the brain of a woman. If there is anything visually interesting in the vicinity of his vision, he will look – this behavior is wired in him subconsciously. So if a woman comes in the range of his vision and she has attractive looks about her, then your husband is bound to watch her. Again, this does not mean he does not love you or finds you less attractive.

Why Does He Deny It?

Just because something comes naturally does not mean that we are okay with it. Most men do feel guilty about checking out other women when they are already in a committed relationship. Not all men are comfortable about their sexuality and hence feel bad about themselves when they look at another woman.

If you find him checking out another woman and ask him about it, he will deny it point blank. For one, he did it subconsciously and secondly he knows that it will hurt you if he accepts that he was checking out another woman. The safer route of course is to deny and that’s what they do.

I hope this answers why your husband looks at other women and denies it when asked. It helps to take this behavior playfully instead of getting serious about it. If you find him flirting with other women, then you have a valid reason to feel angry. If he is checking out another women just know that it is not that big of a deal. Try checking out a few men and get him jealous instead.

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