How To Appear Approachable To Guys?

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As far as a guy is concerned, whenever he finds himself feeling attracted to a girl the one thought the always pops into his mind is “does she already have a boyfriend?”. Many “could be” relationships don’t start off because a guy is unsure of whether the girl is available or not.

Many guys are shy about approaching a beautiful girl (beauty of course being subjective to the guy in question), because they are not sure of how the girl will respond to their approach. A girl is left wondering whether the guy is interested in her or not, while failing to realize that she might be coming across as a “puzzle” to him too. It’s pretty heart-breaking to see a possible relationship going down the drain because of a lack of clear communication.

If you are interested in a guy, or if you want to be approached by guys, it’s important that you send out clear signals of your intent. The bottom line is “Never Assume”, ever. Most guys are a complete dunce at interpreting a girl’s signal until they are as clear as neon lights.

Tips to Appear Approachable

Here are a few tips on how to appear approachable to guys.

Smile, and Smile Some More

If you want a guy to approach you, just give him a warm smile, that’s all it takes in most cases. Most guys think twice about smiling at a girl because they are afraid of ending up looking silly because some girls can be very cold in their rebuff. A girl need have no such fears because guys respond really well to a smile. So if you want send a green signal to a guy just give him one of your “inviting” smiles. If he doesn’t get it the first time, smile again and again till he works his nerve up enough to approach you.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Believe it or not, guys are great at understanding what the eyes say, but of course in most cases they also end up misinterpreting it just as much. Guys do understand that a girl would not care to gaze at them without interest, so if a guy catches a girl staring at him he usually assumes that she might be interested in him (even if the truth was that the girl was just day dreaming while accidentally looking at him).

So if you want to send out a strong message about your attraction, just catch his eye and retain the eye contact for a few seconds. Most love stories have started with a deep eye contact that sent shivers through the hearts of the couples involved.

Revoke His Personal Space

There is usually a decent physical distance that needs to be maintained during any personal communication between the opposite sexes. The best way to express your interest in a guy is to move close into his physical space. You can use any excuse to do this – stand close to him, sit close to him, place your hand very near to his, place your leg near to his, bring your face close to his (close enough so he can smell your perfume).

There is also a science behind this; as you get close, the person can sense you vibe quite clearly. So if you are attracted to a guy and you get close into his physical space he can “subconsciously” sense your attraction which in turn can trigger the same reaction in him.

There is Nothing Wrong in Initiating the First Date

Why do girls feel that it’s the guy’s prerogative to initiate a date? In most cases, guys have a deep fear of being rejected, or laughed upon, by a girl and hence will tread very carefully with respect to the subject of initiating the first date. Girls on the other hand can do this pretty gracefully without the fear of being rejected simply because guys are always amenable to going out with a girl.

So if you like a guy, just ask him out casually. You don’t have to give it the tag of a “date”, just ask him to join you for a lunch, or a shopping trip. Be playful about it, and don’t make it sound like big deal (you don’t want the guy to feel that you are “easy”).

Let Your Body Send Out Subconscious Signals

Our bodies are vibrational in nature. The vibration we emit is caught on subconsciously by other bodies in our vicinity. So if you have frustration inside you, it’s very likely that a person next to you will sense it. Your body language is also a subconscious give away, a thought in your mind can easily transfer on to your body language.

So when you are attracted to a guy, just allow your body to naturally send out a signal to him. You can do this by simply not resisting your attraction for him, or else you will end up sending mixed signals. Be clear in your mind that you are attracted to him, your body will automatically send out the signal like an antennae.

Intention is the seed to creation. When you desire someone, it’s comes through as a strong vibration in your being. This vibration has the capacity to attract the subject of your desire into your existence. So be clear in your intent, don’t resist your desires and don’t resist your attraction, this openness is the most essential requirement to appear approachable to guys, or the guy, of your choice.

  • Ashley Cordovan

    So there’s this new guy at my college that has just transferred. He’s older then me. A few weeks ago, I noticed him and I guess he noticed me too because now that a few weeks have passed, he’s always staring at me. He stares at me in chapel (we attend a christian college), his friends stare at me all the time, even when he’s not around.

    When I walk into the cafeteria, his and his whole table always watches my every move. And even though he already has food on his plate sometimes, he gets up and is in the same vicinity as me making it look like he’s getting cereal or something. Yesterday, I talked to a guy friend who also knows him.

    I want to know if he’s interested and another thing that I want to know the answer to is, why won’t the guy just approach me already and say hi and introduce himself or something? He sends all the signals. Please help! I don’t know at all what to do.

    I think I’m pretty approachable and I’m kind to everyone i know. i try to smile a lot and seem positive so that people would actually want to be in my presence. but this guy, he just wont walk up and say hi. its been weeks already!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Ashley! He’s probably wondering why you’re looking at him. That is why he’s not approaching you.