How Do Men Handle Breakups?

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There are no generalizations but in most cases men handle breakups a lot better than women. Guys have a deep need for emotional support but they are also very resilient when it comes to handling tough spots. May be all those years of hunting toughened the guys up.

Guys do have a hard time dealing with breakups it’s just that they are better at detaching themselves from their emotions through the use of distractions. The way guys handle breakups is very different from the way girls do mostly because of their mental makeup.

The way men handle breakups is by indulging in mental distractions. Most men avoid talking about their breakup rather they just avoid or ignore the discomfort by off-putting their mind through other pursuits. Girls on the other hand are more prone to facing their grief and sharing it with their friends or relatives.

How Do Guys Handle Breakups?

Here are 10 known ways that guys go about dealing with a breakup. Remember that this is a generalization on how most men handle breakups, each of us has unique personality traits and we all have different ways of handling pain.

Hang Out With Friends

It is common for guys to seek out company to keep their mind distracted. They don’t usually talk to their friends about their breakup or the pain they are going through but the company just helps in distraction.

Drink the Pain Down

Alcohol has been a friend to many broken hearts. Most guys, out of their need to numb the pain, take to alcohol as a natural anesthetic. It’s also common for them to open their hearts out, and talk about their pain, when they are drunk.

Start Finding New Dates

Some men deal with breakups by trying to forget their ex as quickly as possible. They start flirting again, start dating again or just go about having casual flings in an effort to erase the memory of their ex.

Party Hard

Loud music, crazy crowds and the energy of partying can numb pain like nothing else. Many guys are known to handle the pain of a breakup by indulging in some mad partying. Parties also become avenues for booze, and new girls to flirt with, as means of distraction.

Drown the Pain in Work

Most men above 30 handle breakups by working harder. Work almost becomes a means of escaping from the pain of past memories. It’s no wonder most creative art has often come out of a broken heart.

Eat to Numb the Mind

Indulging in junk food becomes a means of numbing one’s mind and sabotaging the body unconsciously due to the suffering inside. Eating being a mechanical activity helps to keep busy in some way. The stupor created by over-eating helps numb the mind off its ceaseless thinking.

Watch TV Aimlessly

Some guys just blank their minds by watching TV mechanically or playing video-games. They usually end up watching sports or movies mostly for the distraction rather than interest at that point. Aimless channel surfing is often the case.

Take to Physical Workouts

Guys have been known to hit the gym with vengeance to handle the pain of a breakup. The physical pain of weight lifting is used to offset the mental pain of memories.


Some men take to traveling as distraction to handle a breakup. Traveling to nearby or far off places helps keep the mind occupied and meeting new people or making new connections is an added bonus.

Enter the Virtual World of Internet

Browsing through the vast portal of internet is an activity that is gaining in popularity as an effective means of distraction. Guys who want to be alone take to entering the virtual world of online gaming, chatting or just reading through blogs. Watching stuff online is quite common with most guys who are dealing with psychological pain of a breakup or loneliness.