Does A Man Like You Because He Introduces You to His Mom?

by: Admin

You’ve been dating and relating with this guy for a while now and one day, suddenly, he takes you over to his mom’s house and introduces you to her. You are left wondering why he did that? In this article we seek to give you insights on the same.

Why Did He Introduce Me To His Mom?

One thing you can be sure of is that if a guy takes you over to meet his mom, he does love you and is quite proud of having you as his girlfriend. In his own logical mind he might figure out the one, or few, of the below reasons for initiating this meeting.

Listed below are the common reasons why a guy introduces you to his mom:

He wants to know if his mom approves of you

If your boyfriend is a mama’s boy, he is bound to seek her approval before approaching you for marriage. You don’t have to look down upon your guy for being a mama’s boy, it’s just his nature. May be he is really close to his mom and wants her stamp of approval to feel comfortable.

He wants to show how cool his mom is

There might be a little vanity inside him regarding his family or his mom in particular. He might believe that they are really cool and wants you to know how nice they are. You can consider this as an innocent act of him showing off his mom to impress you more. If you see him trying to point out the various accomplishments of his mom, you can make out that he is trying to show her off. Take note that he is not trying to berate you and show you down in front of him mom. He just wants you to know what a great mother-in-law you can have in your future.

He is hinting at the prospect of marrying you

Marriage is a social thing and it involves the family. Like they say, in marriage you don’t just marry the groom but his entire family. By introducing you to his mom, he might be hinting at taking your present relationship to the next level.

He wants to show his commitment

You can also interpret this as his stand of commitment. By introducing you to his family he might be indirectly showing you that he stands committed to the relationship. If he introduced you to his mom saying – “she’s my girlfriend” – it’s basically taken as a prelude to saying – “I would be marrying her”. So this could well be serious business.

He wants to show his mom how nice you are

There is an element of pride that guys associate with their girlfriend. If he thinks you are very pretty and adores your good nature, he will be wants to show you off in front of his mother. It’s like saying “look ma, what a wonderful girlfriend I’ve got”. You should feel good about yourself for invoking such a level of trust in him. If you see him bragging about you to his mom then you know he is trying to impress his mom with his choice.

He wants you to take the relationship seriously

There is a possibility that he is feeling a little insecure in the relationship and is not too sure of where it’s heading from your side. What he suggests by introducing you to his mom is that you need to get a little serious about things. If he senses that you are getting close to his mom, or trying to impress her, he will imagine that you are committed to the relationship.

So if you are asking what does it mean when a guy introduces you to his mom? The answer would be any of the reasons above. You will need to judge the behavior of your boyfriend to determine what exact reason, out of the above, is on his mind.