How to Tell if the Guy You are Dating is Married or Has a Girlfriend?

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You’ve been dating this guy for a while and now you are interested in him. He seems like a really nice guy but you are a little wary about getting cheated in a relationship. What if he is already married and is just using you? What if he already has a girlfriend and is not serious about a relationship with you?

So how do you tell if the guy you have been dating is already married or has a girlfriend on the side? In this article we seek to give you some insights on the same.

Tips To Find Out If He Has a Girlfriend Or Is Married

During the initial days of dating it’s difficult to know someone closely. He might come across as being really sincere and genuine but you can never be sure. If you are getting interested in this guy and want to be sure that he has no prior commitments, before increasing the intimacy in your relationship, you try the following.

Be observant of his calls

If he gets a call while he’s with you and he moves away before taking it, there might be something fishy. If it’s an official call or if it’s just a friend, he shouldn’t mind talking in front you. Taking a call in private might suggest that he is might have a girlfriend or, worse, a wife who he’s cheating on with you. You don’t have to jump to this conclusion but just be on the alert. Ask him on the face why he doesn’t take the calls in front of you, if he comes up with an absurd excuse you should be on your guard.

Ask to visit his house

You can casually ask him if it’s okay for you to visit his house. If he has nothing to hide, he should agree to this proposition whole heartedly. On the other hand, if he starts making excuses then it would suggest that he’s hiding something. If the guy has nothing to hide from you then he should not have a problem calling you over to his house – unless his landlord doesn’t allow girls in and that’s a laugh.

When he is drunk it’s time to question

This might seem really manipulative and mean but it’s a foolproof way to get your doubts cleared. When you are certain that he is a little drunk, you should trying probing him about his past. Most guys become very talkative after having a few drinks and would reveal some information they were trying to hide.

Drop into his office out of the blue

This might again seem a little forward on your part but you can gather a lot of information about him just by visiting his office. If you drop in suddenly he would have to introduce you to his office colleagues without any prior preparation. Be observant of the way he introduces you to his friends, if he calls you an “associate” or “just a friend” then you have every reason to feel wary.

Hire a detective

This might seem really dramatic to you but rest assured it’s not uncommon. This is usually the last resort when you are certain something’s not right. If he is carrying on with a relationship on the side, a detective has better credentials to track it down. You don’t have to feel guilty about being so paranoid, may be your intuition is kicking in and there might be truth to it. If you have a hunch it’s best to get it cleared before committing to a relationship.

In today’s world of online dating, speed dating and “off the cuff” dates, one can never be sure where one stands in a relationship. It’s prudent to be on your guard at least until the time you get to know him personally. You don’t have to feel guilty about suspecting him, after all it’s for your own protection. It’s hard to tell if the guy you are dating is married or has a girlfriend unless you take these actions to assuage your doubts.