What to do After a Fight With Your Boyfriend?

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So you got into a fight with your boyfriend, now what? Fights like this do tend to happen in a relationship, but the question is, what to do now? Who will come forward and break the ice? Who will talk to the other person first asking for forgiveness after a fight?

If you take our advice, you can just forget about sitting down and pondering why the fight actually happened and who exactly is responsible. In any fight both the people involved are equally responsible.

So both of you have to take blame for this. The question now is; who is going to ask for forgiveness or break the silence?

Guys are Impatient

In most cases guys tend to be more impatient than girls. So your guy should give a sign to break the silence within a matter of a few days after the fight.

He might send along a ‘Hi’ or ‘I am sorry’ message. Act immediately and do not let this opportunity pass.

Your guy has accepted responsibility for something you both were equally responsible. Let go of the bad feelings and respond back. Say something like ‘I am sorry too‘ or ‘it was not your fault‘ or even better ‘let’s make sure this does not happen again.’

Respond at the First Opportunity

As mentioned before, guys are impatient. They simply cannot wait to break the silence and get together with you again. But be sure that you do not test their patience.

When they send along the first message asking for apologies, accept it and reply back. No matter what you feel it is important that you accept your boyfriend’s apologies.

This is because believe it or not, you are equally responsible for the fight as he is. So what is wrong with accepting his apologies and making up for the better?

If you reply to him at this moment the relationship will get back as strong as ever. Even stronger for that matter. You see, guys like women who are easy going and who can be kept happy with less effort. They do not like the high maintenance types.

So to keep the relationship working you got to do some compromises. Let go of the ego and act towards making the relationship work.

If you truly love your boyfriend then you should not let any opportunity to patch up pass. This is irrespective of how badly your boyfriend behaved with you. We are all human beings and things like this happen.

What if Your Boyfriend Does Not Get Back for a Long Time?

If your guy has not gotten back to you for a long time, say more than a week, it’s time to act up.

You got to make the first move and convey that you are sorry this time. There are chances when the male ego gets hurt so much that there is no way he will ever get back to you until you do. So in this case, if you truly love your boyfriend and want the relationship to get back on track, take the action. Send your boyfriend the message first.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Get Back After the Fight

It is important that you do not wait too long before you get back together with your boyfriend. Fights happen in all relationships, but they also make the relationships stronger. So take it as a positive sign and work towards coming together again. If you take too long now you could be loosing out on a relationship.

So now you know what to do after a fight with your boyfriend. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and work towards making things work for the better.

  • Bianca

    Why is it that every time I have a fight with my boyfriend, I end up leaving because he tells me to go home and then I don’t get a message or a call back till probable next morning or afternoon?

  • Maricel

    How long do does it take for a man to calm down after a fight? Me and my boyfriend haven’t talked in 2 weeks!

    • Catherine Formentera Buta

      that’s too long. maybe you should reach him out. go, get the first move but don’t play as desperate. if he doesn’t want it then let him go.

  • Jenner

    I wonder if my boyfriend would ever forgive me. I went to a party without telling him and we fought for that. I tried apologizing but he is acting cold towards me. He even says he doesn’t trust me anymore. I wonder if he still loves me? What to do?

  • Lena

    Hey my boyfriend and I had a bad fight and I left. I told him he should call me if his behavior is back to normal. But he hasn’t called for 10 days. Does it mean I´am not important to him anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Try writing as many things as you can on what you love about him. Then write on how much you hate about him. See which one is bigger and if the things you hate about him is bigger, then it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways. If the one that you love him is bigger then you should try talking and working things out. Don’t let him be the one to talk to you first or else he will think you don’t love him. And if you know deep in your heart you were wrong then you should probably try saying your sorry!

  • Anon

    I think a hand written letter, admitting to your faults (but never pointing out his) and listing all the reasons you fell in love in the first place is a good start. I have just done this; my perfect relationship blew up over a misunderstanding where he was saying something very sweet when I thought he was asking for space and I reacted badly, pushing him away. He then broke up with me just over two weeks ago. I sent him his favorite childhood board game (hunted the internet to find it) and a letter as above, admitting to my fault, saying I was sorry for hurting him, how I understood why he broke up as my behavior was unacceptable and I realized how hard it was for him breaking up with someone he loved so much. But understood he had to as he couldn’t allow himself to be spoken to that way. I told him I missed him, how amazing our love was and life was not the same without him in it and I hoped he reached the same conclusion.

  • Katie5963

    me and my boyfriend just got into a HUGE fight. I just apologized and am going to kiss ass now. we were fighting because I didn’t answer his texts right away cause I was video chatting my best friend and he got nasty and was being a jerk which lead up to a fight. A BIG ONE. what is worse? he lives 1800 miles from me. when we fight we are mean and nasty and cruel. it usually takes us days to say I’m sorry. but since it was such a bad fight and I’m truly scared of loosing him all together, I JUST apologized by saying we fought we hurt eachothers feelings now we need to get over this fight and pretend like it didn’t happen tonight and I did tell him how much I love him. this was honestly the biggest fight we have ever been in. so someone tell me please what do I do if he wants to continue to be an ass and not let it go? I have no clue to be honest.

  • Kelly Smith

    No, it is not necessarily the case that the two people involved have caused the fight. One individual may just out of nowhere, be rude, arrogant and disrespectful. So whoever is writing this, with sorry to say incorrect grammar is unqualified to offer advice.