Do Guys Like Perfume on Girls?

Author: Admin

Guys love the smell of perfume on a girl, honestly we do.

It’s the almost an attraction factor. Of course a certain guy might feel an inclination only towards a certain perfume but almost all guys love perfume on girls. There is nothing more heavenly than a beautiful girl wearing an sensuous perfume, its intoxicating to the guy’s senses. I can remember the number of crushes I had owning mostly to the perfume the girl was wearing along with the beauty of course.

Guys are like dogs when it comes to a sense of smell

They love a good smell and nothing beats the scent of a woman. Some girls have a natural scent to their body and other have a great sense of perfume both of them are bound to enchant guys. No smell is a definite turn off factor. In fact it is always a great idea to have a perfumed bed room works for most of the guys.

Have you ever seen the movie “Perfume”?

You should if you have not, it will give you an idea about the fatal attraction that a perfume can have on a man. I believe most of the comparisons like “she is as beautiful as a wild rose” come from the fact that roses have a great smell of course it also means she is as attractive as a flower, but have you ever seen a beautiful girl being compared to a flower without a fragrant smell?

Girls have known this secret of attraction for a lot time

I believe because the history of mankind would have you known that the princesses used to take bath in rose water well anointed with the perfumes of the musk. I am sure that came in handy while wooing the best looking prince around. Well it’s a fatal secret and we guys are helpless. There are certain perfumes which are so intoxicating coming off a girl that guys find it difficult to concentrate on anything beyond being lost in that spell. I personally love being around a flowery smelling girl any scent which reminds me of the wild roses.

Should you wear a perfume to bed?

No brainier question. Of course you should! We guys love it. In fact as per a research guys spend more time on foreplay when enticed with the perfume of their inclination. In fact I called my girlfriend “jasmine” because she used to smell of jasmines or something just as exotic, she used to deny using any perfume at all and attributed the smell to the perfume soap she was using. So I guess even that works though I don’t know much about these toiletries. So as to the answer to what men think about perfumes on girls well we cant think much we just feel so completely enticed.